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Within 7 years, all new houses must be completely green. Experts warn: Housing will rise in price by hundreds of thousands!

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Within 7 years, all new houses must be completely green. Experts warn: Housing will rise in price by hundreds of thousands!

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Starting this year, all new buildings must emit practically no harmful substances.. At the same time, according to brokers and developers, the introduction of energy-saving technologies increases the cost of housing. The plan agreed by energy ministers last month in Luxembourg goes even further. From 2030, all new buildings, including apartments, cottages and offices, must be emission-free.. A year earlier, solar panels were planned to be installed in houses under construction.

In negotiations

“The cheapest energy is the one you don’t use at all.” Josef Sikela (55, from STAN), head of the Department of Industry and Trade, commented on the agreement on the directive. He claims that when buildings operate more efficiently, their residents will pay less for energy.

But there are a few “buts”. Today, for example, no one knows where energy prices, which are the highest today, will be in 7 years. “The fil form of the directive is not yet known at the moment. Now the member countries will negotiate with the European Parliament, and only then will its fil wording be clear,” Veronika Heshikova, press secretary of the Ministry of Regiol Development, assures.

And adjustments are likely to be needed. The experts we contacted note that if the Czech Republic accepts the current conditions and technical requirements,

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