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The dead trucker was found four days later on the D5 highway: The case is being investigated by criminal investigators

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The truck driver was found dead in a rest stop on the D5 highway near Rud u Prahy. According to police, he was in the cabin for four days. The guilt of outsiders was ruled out, the coroner examined the body of the deceased driver.

The truck driver’s body was found by the police on Monday morning on the remainder of the D5 highway at the 4th kilometer near Rudya. “On the emergency number 158, we received a message from a gas station attendant who noticed a Romanian truck that had been parked for four days to rest. When the attendant tried to contact the driver, he didn’t answer.” said police spokeswoman Vlasta Suhankova.

After finding the body, the police called the coroner and medical examiners. “The initial investigation did not reveal anyone else’s involvement in the man’s death, but, of course, further steps will be taken to establish the exact cause of death.Sukhankova added.

Source: Blesk

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