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Apocalypse that doesn’t exist. Panic-mongering actually interferes with rational action

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Apocalypse that doesn’t exist. Stirring up panic actually interferes with ratiol action

Apocalypse that doesn’t exist. Stirring up panic actually interferes with ratiol action

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Thus, the situation was remed climate change. But it didn’t mobilize at all, because it’s pretty hard to deny that Earth’s climate has been changing since our planet emerged from space, and that the weather is different from what it was at the height of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-nineteenth century. It was the peak of the Little Ice Age, and it wouldn’t scare anyone if it got a little warmer today.

Thus the term “climate crisis” was adopted. And when you need to turn the volume knob all the way to the right and glue yourself to the Mo Lisa in the Louvre, climate emergency comes in handy. And the symbol is images of tural disasters, photos of floods, raging hurricanes or forest fires. Just an apocalypse. And what about the fact that the elements have accompanied humanity from the very beginning as surely as climate change? Now the evil CO2 gas is to blame and stopping it is a matter of life and death. At least in the minds of climate activists and green politicians, when in fact it already doesn’t fit well. And reality and facts are not discussed at all in discussions at events such as the just concluded COP27 conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

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