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The Christ Years of Our Democracy, or Time to Learn from the Past and Think About the Future

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Jesus of Nazareth was crucified at the age of thirty-three. He did everything he had to do in his life. This is the age at which a person approaches his being more responsibly, consciously and voluntarily. What about our company? Is she already grown up and grown up? Has she come to terms with her past? We have gone through radical changes, but the ghosts of the past have not completely left us. It returns in various forms. The Munich period, World War II, the rise of communism and the normalization of Husak have defined our modern identity much more than we think.

We have adopted mostly treacherous models of existence – the cult of consumption and moral relativization. We choose the lesser of evils and “we are not like them.” And for all this we reap the rewards. It was not so dangerous under the European and our conjuncture. Everything seemed to go by itself, and nothing threatened us. But this is no longer relevant in times of recession and multi-level crisis. A divided society is divided by fundamental questions, not only when looking at the past, but also at the future. Both will now become even more prominent in the campaigns leading up to the presidential election. The boundaries of direct democracy are becoming clear. This is suitable for a mature and stable society in which the tural principles of ethics operate (“what the law does not prohibit, shame prohibits!”), i.e., the consolidation of common values.

Josef Mleinek Jr.
February 23, 2018 • 1:41 pm

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In an unhealthy society, the number of unhealthy people increases. Immediately after the velvet change of power, I asked an experienced observer of Western European politics, who emigrated to the West with his parents back in 1948, about what he sees as the key areas of rebirth in our then just post-communist society. And he told me without much thought that it would be education and justice. A sense of temporary fincial stability is not enough if there is no adherence to established rules, as well as generally accepted relationships of mutual belonging and intergeneratiol solidarity. Society is divided into winners and losers, and among the winners there are not only capable, but also all-powerful. A decent state system can provide targeted and targeted assistance to the needy and the disabled. For the rest, he does not complicate their life path with burdensome bureaucracy, regulation … He behaves like a good and fair administrator and householder.

The anniversary of the November 1989 events should be an opportunity for a detailed summing up of our common history and for posing questions, the answers to which are important not only for a retrospective look, but above all for assessing current events and possible risks. arising from them in the near and more distant future. The Covid period and the subsequent war in Ukraine is a mirror for all of us. And it is already obvious that the legacy of communism was not and is not only in symbols, but above all in the schemes of action and decision-making. Models of double standards, opportunism, selfishness and hypocrisy survive in various variations. All crises were not brought to us by the outside world. The public space is saturated with complaints about European integration and often thinly disguised support for the interests of Russia and Chi. It’s almost unbelievable in 2022, but it’s true. Then these people define themselves as patriots and the only defenders of freedom of speech, etc. Their “ideology” is brutal populism. They already have their favorite for the presidential election. It is not surprising that it was found in Pruhonice.

Among the deficits, one cannot count only the euphemistic concept of the transformatiol losses of the Czech way, the failed banks in the nineties and the stories of “half the world”. Today’s loss is also an unreformed pension system, an unclear attitude towards the transition to the euro, a frequent change in approaches to the strategic directions of governing the country, a disproportiote influence of domestic oligarchs (including media owners) and, no less important, too frequent selective interpretation of the law. There, too, much has been achieved and changed for the better, but there is nothing special to brag about. We have only “caught up” with the West in terms of prices, but in many respects we are still a significant loser. Before instructing others, we must first sweep before our own threshold. After all, our “young (facade) democracy” already in the years of Christ should begin to behave like an adult.

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