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The Dutch were worried that they didn’t have a goalkeeper. But the debutante (28) shone: We want the title!

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In the Netherlands, there was a danger of being left without a goalkeeper. The media discussed the situation at the gate. Coach Louis van Gaal was so annoyed by the constant debate that he refused to talk to reporters on such a discussed topic. And uncle! After the first game of the World Cup, the Oranges praise goalkeeper Andris Noppert. It was he who, with his brilliant saves, kept Senegal’s zero score. The favorite from Europe won 2:0. However, he disappointed with the game.

“I have never coached a stronger team.”

“We’re going to Qatar for gold.”

Louis van Gaal’s serious statements before the start of the championship were more for laughs during the eighty-four minutes of the duel with Senegal. The 71-year-old coach, who after returning to the bench for the third time in his career – and since then has not lost in sixteen fights with him – watched his team suffer with surprise.

At first, the Dutch thought they were at an exhibition in the middle of Amsterdam’s famous Dam Square. Inside the box, they figured out shooting positions until the Senegalese laughed at them. Over time, there was nothing to invent. The Africans easily caught the legible game of the opponent and rolled forward. But they always met an inexorable obstacle – Andris Noppert.

The 28-year-old tall man (203 centimeters) from Heerenveen brilliantly caught Idriss Gouille, Boulay Diao and stretched his long body after Pape Gouye’s millimeter strike in a 1-0 win.

At the same time, this inconspicuous guy from the average Eredivisie club stood at the gates of the tiol team for the first time in his life. Wow! Applause like crazy!

“It is especially important for me to make my debut at the World Championships. Of course, I dreamed about it, especially as a child, but I never thought it was possible,” he laughed.

It was only thanks to Noppert that the Oranges got into the game. They recorded the first direct shot on goal six minutes before the end of regular playing time. And then she won. PSV’s Cody Gakpo pounced on Frenkie de Jong’s furry arc, Chelsea’s Edouard Mendy flew into the void, and tulips suddenly bloomed in the Netherlands. Substitute Davy Klaassen sealed the win in the eighth minute of normal time.

In the Dutch tiol team, I was happy with the result, not the performance. If the team wants to live up to Van Gaal’s words, they must cruelly add. Memphis Depay, who missed half an hour of the game due to injury, must fill the gas tank.

“Our game wasn’t good, on the other hand it’s great if we can still find a way to win. We want to go very far. Yes, we want to become world champions,” hero Noppert confirmed the ambitions of the team.

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November 21


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Guests: 84. Gakpo, 90+9. Claassen


Home: Ed. Mendy – Sabali, Coulibaly (C), Cisse, A. Diallo (62. Jacobs) – Kouyate (73. P. Guye), Na. Mendy, Y. Guye – Y. Sarr, Dia (69. B. Dieng), Diatta (73. Jackson).

Guests: Noppert – Dumfries, de Ligt, van Dijk (C), Ake, Blind – Berguis (79. Koopmeiners), Gakpo (90 + 4. de Roon), F.de Jong – Janssen (62. Depay), Bergwijn (79. Claassen).


Home: Dieng, Gomis, Mendy, Lum, Jacobs, Siss, Name, Guye, Sarr, Dieng, Diediu, Ndiaye, Jackson, N’Diaye

Guests: Biylov, Pasvir, de Vrey, Timber, Frimpong, Malasia, de Roon, Koopmeiners, Taylor, Claassen, Simons, Depay, Weghorst, de Jong, Lang


Home: On the. Mendy, I. Guie

Guests: de Ligt


Sampaio – Bosquilia, Pires


Al Tumama Stadium, Doha

FIFA World Cup 2022

16 hours ago

The phenomenon with two starts in the republic. The Dutch crisis must be decided by a veteran (39)

The phenomenon with two starts in the republic.  The Dutch crisis must be decided by a veteran (39)

FIFA World Cup 2022

42 minutes ago

EDIT: Senegal 0-2 Netherlands. Goals in the end and a stubborn victory for the Oranges

EDIT: Senegal 0-2 Netherlands.  Goals in the end and a stubborn victory for the Oranges

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