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Players at the World Cup in Qatar complain about the dead workers. We have them in the locker room, in the showers and in the room, the players say

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As soon as the World Cup begins in Qatar, the dissatisfied reactions of the players and officials of all teams begin to multiply. During the construction of football stadiums and facilities, about six and a half thousand workers died due to idequate working conditions, and since everything was done in a hurry, there was neither time nor place to take the bodies of the workers somewhere, God forbid to bury them.

“It’s good you have it. So modern. It looks like it cost a lot of money. What surprised us a little was, in my opinion, an unusually high concentration of dead workers, not only in the background, but also in the training ground. The boys complain that they have dead workers in the room. Some of them even have them in the shower. Here I think the organizing team hesitated a bit. The dead workers had to be removed before the arrival of the teams. This spoils the overall impression, ”says one of the coaches of the French tiol football team, who did not want call your me.

However, it’s not just the dead workers in the room or in the showers that cast a dark shadow over an otherwise perfect championship. The unusually large number of dead workers worries the players themselves during training.

“The training ground seems a little sloppy to me. I tripped over a dead worker’s foot while trying to make loops. It doesn’t feel right or sporty to me. If it happened during an important game, it would be a disaster. During training, this is not so important, but the organizers underestimated it. I understand that the range and facilities will not be shown much on TV, but even here I could imagine that such a rich country as Qatar would provide the proper level and service. Dead workers or parts of them at the site – this, in my opinion, is not an adequate level worthy of the World Cup, ”complained Eden Hazard, a representative of Belgium.

Even his colleague in the tiol team, goalkeeper Thibault Courtois, does not hide his disappointment.

November 16, 2022 • 3:40 pm

It takes time to revive the president. He will comment on the missile hitting Poland within ten days.

“I’ve had enough of these dead workers. It’s annoying. These corpses get in the way when I train. How do I learn to jump when I land on the bodies of dead workers? We warned the organizing service several times to remove the corpses somewhere, but there are so many of them that they do not have time. I hope that at least at the main stadium during the game everything will be cleaned. This is the only drawback of a perfect championship. Everything here is new, polished and modern. If there were not so many bodies of dead workers here, ”the goalkeeper complained.

Organizers say they are doing everything they can to remove the bodies of the dead workers. However, they say there are too many to clear them all in the foreseeable future.

“At least until the semi-fils, all dead workers will be removed. We also have to deal with deaths during the ongoing championship, because it is not only workers who die here in uncomfortable conditions for us. Organizers, phonovists and many homosexuals are dying here, too,” say the organizers.

When it will be possible to remove all the dead workers from the locker rooms, showers and playgrounds, so that the players are satisfied and no longer stumble over them, is still unknown.

Wild Duck is fake news about real events that didn’t happen but could, as incredible as it sounds. But the controversy surrounding the World Cup in Qatar is a reality.

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