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Autumn Roast in a Jacket: Surprise your diners with a beautifully prepared lunch that will take your breath away

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When a roast meat is served on the table, covered with a crust of ruddy puff pastry or cheese crusts, everyone salivates from all this aroma. However, the biggest surprise comes after the first cut, when the mosaic of juicy roast and other delicious ingredients hidden inside is revealed. In a word, you will like our recipes.

If you’re wondering what to cook for dinner on your day off, then don’t hesitate and make your kitchen smell good with some of our beautifully baked dishes. When the whole family gathers at the same table on the weekend, it’s a real “high”, everyone is talking, laughing and chatting. The host will be all the more pleased when, after the first piece of the served dish, everyone runs out of words and the room is suddenly filled with deafening silence, the only sound is the clinking of cutlery. At that moment, it is clear that everyone really liked it. And that’s exactly what our recipes are.

Don’t know what to cook roast with? Universal white sauce with cheese – the perfect solution >>>

And what have we prepared for you? Both lovers of traditiol Czech cuisine, who are waiting for an exquisite meatloaf, and those who are inspired by foreign recipes and like to diversify their menu with new combitions of flavors, will find something for themselves. Such people can look forward to a roast à la the world-famous Wellington tenderloin, which is one of the most selective delicacies in many restaurants around the world, and for a festive table such as on Sunday, it certainly belongs. You can try cooking this delicacy-inspired roast right away with the first recipe in our selection below.

Wellington pumpkin with sweet potato fries

Tender and lean pork loin is the most valuable piece of pork, which is suitable for both small adjustments and roasting. And right out of the oven you can pull the juicy wellington doll, which, along with pumpkin puree, spich and bacon, is wrapped in a golden crust of puff pastry. French fries are a great side dish. But if you prefer beef, be sure to try the fragrant mushrooms. beef wellington meatloaf.

Meatloaf with bacon and vegetables

Smell meatloaf comes out of the kitchen in almost every house from time to time. However, when you add colorful vegetable chunks, rosemary, and a layer of crispy bacon, trust me, there won’t be a tip. However, if there is someone who does not like vegetables, try Italian style meatloaf or mini meatloaf with cheese.

Chicken cutlets in puff pastry

If you have schnitzel lovers at home, surprise them chicken pieces with sauce wrapped in puff pastry. Garnished with velvety-soft mashed potatoes and a side of fresh vegetables, this meal is sure to please the entire family. However, the tarragon flavored sigture dish is definitely worth a try. rabbit fillet in puff pastry.

Doll in a garlic-cheese crust

For those who have succumbed to the taste and smell of garlic, he is like a doll created in garlic cheese crust, which is among the recipes that have worked really well for our readers. This tender roast is best served with boiled potatoes. So what do you say, do you already know which dish to try first?

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