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Windbreakers to the fullest, jackets to the neck. Journalists struggled with air conditioning

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DIRECTLY FROM DOHA | The first pitfalls of the championship, held at very high temperatures, fully manifested in Qatar on Monday. However, the problem was not in the heat, but on the contrary. Powerful air conditioners, turned on at the Khalifa stadium before the England-Iran match, cooled the top floor of the tiol stand so much that jourlists in sweatshirts, buttoned up to their necks, tried to manually turn off the fans. . Moreover, in the conditions of the energy crisis, this is a very expensive pleasure.

You almost did not recognize him on Sunday at the Al-Bayt stadium during the ceremony and the opening match Qatar-Ecuador (0:2). It was pleasantly windy all day at the championship venue, besides, the game was played only from 19:00 local time, so the organizers turned on the air conditioners in the stands irregularly and only in a very weak mode.

However, on Monday they did it even more. Doha felt 100% warmer than the day before. The temperature is about 27 degrees, the sky is clear. And since the match between England and Iran started already at 16:00 (14:00 CET), that is, before dark, the organizers turned on the fans to the fullest.

It looks like an ordiry small tunnel, but you don’t want to sit under it … Jourlists from the top ranks were not lucky, they were caught one hundred percent. The smartest ones, who thought one step ahead even in the heat, took out sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters from their backpacks and fastened them up to the throat.

The rest were unlucky, some even so angry that they tried with all their might to manually turn the fans towards the roof or somewhat non-collegiately at the jourlists who were sitting a little further away. However, this didn’t help at all. The question is whether he will wake up tomorrow with an illness similar to that of Spanish defender Dani Carvajal.

And the second problem? Energy, of course.

The electricity consumption of one stadium in Qatar for 90 minutes of air conditioning would be enough for 43,000 average households over the same period. Massive systems consume 155 megawatt-hours of electricity in a single duel.

In times of energy crisis, this is not only paradoxically inconvenient, but also especially very unnecessary spending…

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