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Argentina on fire: Lionel lifted Messi. Goodbye icons and great series

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The often harrowing intertiol journey of an exceptiol player comes to an end. Lionel Messi (35) will start his fifth and fil World Cup in Qatar on Tuesday against Saudi Arabia. He will lead a very well-minded Argenti to the coveted gold. Led by underrated coach Lionel Scaloni (44), the team is 36 unbeaten. What’s the magic of the latest Copy America Continental Champion?

Four years ago, Argenti flew out of the Russian Championship as an unorganized team. A 3-4 defeat against France in the round of 16 led to a strange season for the tiol team. Coach Jorge Sampaoli lost all respect during an unsuccessful tourment and left after being elimited. An angry captain Messi with a council of elders led the team more than a boss on the bench. And it always goes wrong…

The Argentine idol suffered yet another painful disappointment by taking a nine-month hiatus from the tiol team. Only the other Lionel gave him his taste back. Scaloni came to the Argenti bench as a substitute before the association hired a more established me. In the end, he surprised everyone. Including persuading the return of his famous mesake.

The “temporary” coach drove a strong and hungry team out of the clouds of doubt. The highlight was last year’s Copa América triumph, where Messi filly won the main trophy for his country at the end of his career. “I couldn’t finish in the tiol team until I did it,” he admitted with tears in his eyes. He broke a persol curse, as a result he lost four times in major fils (silver 2007, 2015, 2016 at the America’s Cup, silver 2014 at the World Cup).

The current Argenti under Scaloni tramples. They last lost to Brazil three years ago and have an outstanding 36 match unbeaten streak. The underrated trainer impressed the star fighter.

He loves details

“Scaloni convinced us all. He revels in the details of his preparation for matches and hones his tactics. If he says goodnight to us at ten in the morning, then it’s already night for us,” smiles Atletico Madrid midfielder Rodrigo de Paul, one of the team’s key players.

Scaloni also got Messi right. The result of a representative change? He scored four goals and five assists in seven games in the America’s Cup victory and scored seven goals to secure a clear promotion to the championship qualifier in Qatar. For seventeen years in the tiol team, he played 165 matches and scored 91 goals, Diego Marado maged to score 34 hits in 91 starts.

“The championship in Qatar is special for me because it is the last one. I will try to fulfill my big dream,” Messi said at a press conference in which he spoke the day before entering the tourment against Saudi Arabia.

He arrived in sunny Qatar in a great mood and shape. The second season in Paris is going according to perfect plan, he scored seven goals and had ten assists in 13 matches. “I arrived at a great time both persolly and physically. Nothing worries me,” he boasted.

Where will he go for his last tiol team tourment?

Three stars of Argenti

Lionel Messi

PSG, striker, 35 years old

He is already on his way to his fifth World Cup, the first in 2006, but at the age of nineteen he rather sat out, Argenti were elimited in the quarterfils. During his tenure, he was closest to the top in 2014 when he lost only in extra time in the fil against Germany. This is probably his last chance for gold. The generation around Mario Kempes, Diego Marado has it, but Messi’s generation doesn’t.

Lautaro Martinez

Inter Milan, forward, 24

Lautaro Martinez is one of the team's biggest stars

Aspiring ace who has already scored 21 goals in a crowded squad in Argenti at the age of 24. Mikel Arteta lured him to the ambitious Arsel squad six months ago, but Martinez remains loyal to Inter, where he has been with him since he was 20. He has already won the America’s Cup with the tiol team, and now he should also be the key to global success.

Rodrigo De Paul

Altetico Madrid, midfielder, 28

Rodrigo De Paul in Argenti jersey

Even at the age of 27, I apologize, he was floundering in a Udine shirt, without European cups, and this always required a hefty severance pay for him. As a result, Atlético won, having spent 35 million euros last summer. He has been playing since October 2018, during which time he played 43 matches and quickly became one of the pillars of the team. A midfielder with a creative flair.

Why Argenti will succeed

offensive four

The best tiol teams in the world have mind-blowing strikers, and Argenti is just as good. When things go wrong, Angel Di Maria, Paulo Dybala and Lautaro Martinez can take the field with Lionel Messi. And protect! A squadron that has scored a total of 141 goals against the blue and white has weight.

The team that doesn’t lose

Try to guess when was the last time Argenti lost. You don’t know, do you? It was also a long time ago, almost three and a half years, in July 2019, when Brazil knocked her out in the semi-fils of the America’s Cup. Since then, Lionel Scaloni’s team has not met a winner in 36 long games. This can be a stimulating element.

Messi motivation.

Being a great Argentinean footballer, truly one of the best in the history of football, and not having a World Cup gold medal is not an easy fate. Diego Marado’s “daddies” are thrown at you all the time… Messi has already overcome one problem, a year ago he filly won the America’s Cup, perhaps this is a sign that even the World Cup cannot be out of reach for him.

Why won’t it succeed?

Scarecrow aged

We already mentioned the motivation of Lionel Messi, so now again from a different point of view, it is relevant here. In addition to the silver championship in 2014, the blue-and-white team experienced only bitter disappointments, relegation in the quarterfils or already in the 1/8 fils, like last time in Russia. And it always came out of the head of the soft, perhaps overly motivated Messi.

The accident is already in the 1/8 fils?

It is not at all excluded that after leaving the group, if Argenti succeeds, they will meet, for example, with France in the top 16. The opponent who fired her from the same stage of the tourment four years ago after a 3-4 result. Or an easier opponent? Denmark. The European team, with increasing performance, reached the semi-fils at the last EURO, where they almost knocked England out.

Defense with Otamendi

It will be rather an Argentine advantage, coach Lionel Scaloni has significantly improved the organization of the team’s game and thus strengthened the defense. This was true, despite the fact that his line-up changed frequently, and the experienced but already flawed Nicolás Otamendi was absent for a long time, returning only in preparation for opponents in the third or fourth scoring category. What if he is put to the test by the best in the world?


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