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Voter card in the presidential election: how to get, where and when

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As always, you can vote for the president at the place of permanent residence. The only way to vote elsewhere is to get a voter card. Not later than 01.11.2023. What do I need to do?

The voter card entitles you to vote at any polling station both in the Czech Republic and abroad at a representation or consulate. Detailed information about choosing abroad can be found on the website of the Ministry of Interl Affairs.

You can apply for a license in person, by letter, or through a data box.

Persol request

The benefits of a persol application are twofold: you do not need to submit it in writing and you have time until 16:00 01/11/2023. It is enough to come to the municipal office with an identity document and agree on how you will receive the card.

Query by data cell

The advantage of the information box is that you can submit an application to the municipal office without leaving your home. However, you must deliver it to 06/01/2023. Here you also need to choose the method of obtaining the finished card.

Written request

Sending a letter to the municipal administration is probably the most annoying option and you will have to come to the office. until 01/06/2023. The application (its form is at your discretion, there is no single form) must contain an officially certified sigture – so you still have to go to one of the offices, which verifies sigtures. And here, too, do not forget to indicate how you will receive a pass.

Issuing a voter card

The city administration will issue a voter card not earlier than 15 days before the election, either directly to the applicant, or to a person who has the applicant’s power of attorney to receive the card. Or the office will send the card to the address provided by the applicant, even abroad. In this case, the voter card can also be sent to the address of the embassy, ​​where it will be issued to you directly on the election day.

In any case, you will hand in your voter card at the polling station.

Second round

The office will automatically issue voter cards for both rounds of the presidential election (unless the applicant explicitly requests a card for only one round).

Petr Sokol
January 22, 2018 • 2:28 pm

Why does the campaign have fincial limits? This, of course, did not lead to fair and transparent elections…

Three candidates may advance to the second round of the presidential elections.  How is this possible?
Petr Sokol
January 11, 2018 • 1:15 pm

Three candidates may advance to the second round of the presidential elections. How is this possible?

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