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Ondruv Menagerie is the most difficult in the Czech Republic. He waited for months, frost is better than summer

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In the Czech Republic, a new difficult route for rock climbers has appeared. It was marked by nothing less than the appearance of Adam Ondra in its core Moravian Kras. It was med Megerie and classified as 9b+, just below the Silence route in Norway. The little son of a Czech Olympian had a hand in the domestic project.

“Today I maged to climb the most difficult route in the Czech Republic, and for me this is probably the second most difficult route in my life, right after the first 9s in Norway. Its me is Zverzynec, it is located in Holstein in the Moravian Karst and has a difficulty of 9b+,” Adam Ondra boasted in a media statement. “While the second route in the Czech Republic is 9b+ Vasil Vasil, which I did nine years ago, Zverzhinec is significantly more difficult, but not enough to have 9c like Silence,” he explains.

The Moravian Karst and especially Holstein have been Ondra’s heart since childhood. He has already conquered the extremely difficult routes of the Pearl of the East and the Pearl of the Pearl. A few years ago he ranked second as 9a+, but today he sees it a little higher.

“The Megerie shares the hardest spot with the Pearl route, but there is a sequence at the bottom that could itself be a 9a+. And just to combine the first part, which requires endurance and fatigue, with an extremely difficult place at the top, is really difficult, ”he explains.

Adam Ondra has traveled all over the world for rock climbing in recent years, finding his most difficult project in life, Silence, in the Flatanger region of Norway. However, in recent months, he wanted to be closer to home, waiting for the birth of his son. That is why work on the megerie has moved from spring to almost winter.

“At the end of April, I gave very good attempts, but in the end nothing came of it. The summer is too hot for this trip and I returned in the autumn, but the conditions were not very ideal. The warm days didn’t have much of an effect, the warm day and cold night meant the rock was very compacted,” he complained about the humidity hindering success. “20s. although it was quite cold in November, maybe a little below zero, but I crawled out of the house, drove quickly and tried it. Thanks to this, I did not freeze, did not lose the sensitivity of the tips of my chest and could use dry stones.

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