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University fortress and cold beck. How do Spaniards work in Qatar?

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University fortress and cold beck. How do Spaniards work in Qatar?

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University fortress and cold beck. How do Spaniards work in Qatar?

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Soon it dawns on me that walking is impossible. My stupidity is not to listen to the organizer in the subway, who immediately advises that it will not be easy alone. “Use Uber,” he says. I answer that there is no need, because I am used to walking and have studied the map since yesterday evening.

But this road is closed unplanned, this sidewalk is unfinished. So in the end it all comes down to transportation.

Even the driver Naseem, origilly from Pakistan, wanders around for a while. Navigation also did not show him news. “Where are you going?” he asks. He will be pleased with the answer that the Spaniards are training.

“I love football too, but my son just loves it. And he is very good at it! I have to take him here to Qatar, where career opportunities are very different than in our country. Just look at these surfaces,” pointing to the many beautifully prepared fields.

However, getting to them is difficult. “I’m an Uber guy,” introduces 40-year-old Yu.

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