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Fire in China claimed 38 lives: There was a fire at a chemical plant

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38 people have died in a factory fire in central Chi. Two more people were injured. This is reported by AP, citing Chinese state media. The cause of the fire is still unclear.

The fire at the building of a chemical and other industrial products company in the high-tech zone of the city of Anyang in the Chinese province of Hen broke out around 16:00 local time on Monday. About 200 rescuers and 63 fire trucks arrived at the scene. It took several hours to extinguish the fire.

The cause of the fire and the reason why the accident claimed so many lives is not yet clear. According to Chinese state television CCTV, two people were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Psychologists also arrived at the scene to help the families of the victims, authorities said.

Fires and work-related accidents are relatively common in Chi and are usually caused by carelessness and poor safety practices, writes DPA. In 2018, a factory fire in Hen province killed 11 people, and in October 2007, a fire at an illegal shoe factory in Fujian province killed at least 37 people. The factory owner was later arrested by the police.

Source: Blesk

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