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Innkeeper before the season: I don’t give a damn about feelings. I want to continue to enjoy biathlon

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He experienced the most brilliant years of Czech biathlon and a fan boom when he studied with the more experienced Ondrej Moravec, Michal Slesingr and Jaroslav Soukup. Now he himself is able to advise the next generation. “I don’t consider myself a mentor, young guys have their own plans and their own paths,” Michal Krchmar says modestly before the new biathlon season.

In Kontiolahti, Finland, everything kicks off on November 29, when the men’s 20K individual race starts. The Czechs will enter it with a new service team and coaching staff, joined by Olympic shooting champion Matthew Emmons. World and Olympic medalist Michal Krcmar remains iron in the fire of Czech flowers.

How many beers were there in the summer?
“I have to think, but imagine, almost none. I made up for it in the spring when I celebrated the birth of my son, so that was enough” (laughs).

At the end of November, a new biathlon season starts in Finland. How satisfied are you with the preparation?
“At the beginning of training, I was limited by small health problems, and at the beginning of autumn I had a small virus, so there was a short break, but nothing serious. As for the process itself, I have a good impression of the training units and the new coaches. I hope this carries over into racing.”

However, there was not enough snow. Nevertheless, you maged to cope with the control races in Norway, where there were clashes with the Swedes and the French, for example, you and Jakub Stvrtecki did not get lost in strong competition …
“In early November, snow was a problem almost everywhere, it’s true. However, the training was completed, even if the snow conditions sometimes got in the way. We can’t speak of some wholesome skiing that was enjoyable, but it served a purpose. I always approach preparatory races with caution. In recent years I’ve had a few races that didn’t work out for me, but the start of the season was not bad at all. A lot can still turn over in two weeks, but the fact is that I felt good, it set me up for positive and calmed me down a bit, even if I do not draw conclusions and there is no lulling. “

There have been a number of changes in the Czech tiol team. Olympic shooting champion Matthew Emmons has joined the coaching staff. What do you think about mutual cooperation at the moment?
“I was sorry that Ondra Rybarz ended up in a coaching position, but this is just a sports life. On the contrary, when I found out that Michael Malek would lead us, I was very happy, because we could brush aside cooperation with the junior categories and the Olympics. And Matt Emmons, it’s a great revival and the icing on the cake. He’s come from a new point of view, plus he’s a great party animal. The team worked really well and I really enjoyed the preparation.”

Did Matthew Emmons bring any revolutiory elements to shooting technique or mental preparation?

Source: Blesk

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