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The referee loses confidence, the replacement must be systemic. Let them be professionals!

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The referee loses confidence, the replacement must be systemic. Let them be professiols!

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The referee loses confidence, the replacement must be systemic. Let them be professiols!

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I must say that judges have long struggled with the loss of confidence. It can only be restored by fundamentally changing the system. And this, in my opinion, could be a partial professiolization of judges. Maybe five, but professiolization. We won’t move without him.

There are professiol clubs in the league that mage a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars, play for European competitions, which bring in additiol hundreds of millions of crowns. In the best clubs, you are unlikely to find a football player whose monthly salary is below 100,000 crowns, and I will not talk about the highest paid players, where it is many times more. They are all prepared in a rigorous training process provided by fully professiol implementation teams. And then matches between such clubs are usually directed by referees who go to their civilian jobs from Monday to Friday and in a tense atmosphere decide a match where the title is at stake, tens or even hundreds of millions of clubs, players of their careers. . I am convinced that this concept has survived.

If we want really high-quality judges, we must provide them with such conditions so that they can train and develop in their field. I hear from all sides how football is developing, how it is getting faster, what are the requirements for a higher pace, regeneration … But with the referees, we settled on the fact that they go to work and then decide professiol matches. .

The chief referee receives 25,000 kroons per league match and the video referee 10,000 kroons. Even for the most important matches, where different amounts are played. Players sometimes get bonuses, bonuses for the most frank matches, but referees don’t. So the match between eighth and tenth is as honorable as the match between first and third. And they have such matches – figuratively speaking – in their hands. How should they perceive the whistle? How is the partner? Brigade? A well-paid hobby? I contend that the best of them should whistle on an ongoing basis.

In the first and second leagues, the clubs pay a total of about 35 million crowns for referees during the season, so money will be easy to find for the corresponding salaries of the chosen referees. Whether or not they have professiol contracts, from Monday to Friday they devote themselves to preparing them, as well as training and educating other referees, and decide the most difficult fights on weekends.

There should be changes, not cosmetic, but fundamental. If someone thinks that our biggest problem is the inclusion of VAR in the organizatiol structure of FAČR, then I do not share such optimism. The referees are under a lot of pressure, it must be hard for them to live week after week, knowing that one mistake can lead to disqualification for several weeks. If they had a greater degree of confidence that the contract would give them, then we could have high expectations from them, and I believe that the situation around them has at least partially calmed down.

It is important to note that errors will definitely not disappear at this step. They will always be here, despite the presence of technology, the human factor is still present. Just like players make mistakes, coaches make mistakes, referees make mistakes, referees make mistakes too. But the difference is in public perception. If a player makes a fatal mistake, it is called clogging. If a mager or a coach makes a mistake, they say that it is … Nobody sees the intention in this. But if the judge makes a mistake, everyone immediately and automatically sees the intention.

For example, professiol judges work in England, Turkey, the Netherlands or Poland. This is definitely the right way for me. The contract can be designed for two or three seasons, like the players, after which the results will be evaluated. If the referee did not have a good rating, he no longer received a contract, as is customary for football players, where the following applies: you don’t play for a long time, you don’t have a contract. Of course, it would be necessary to provide them with a professiol level of training, to create a clear career order so that they have a clear future ahead. The clubs, from the budgets of which money goes to referees, should also comment on this. Everyone is interested in that we have high-quality judges who have a vision of the opportunity to make good money by whistling. Only then will they take whistling seriously and be able to give their best.

The current setup is that we need good referees, but we only offer match rewards to them, with no guarantees. We want them to be flexible in time, participate in semirs and be physically fit, but these requirements are difficult to reconcile with civilian employment. In doing so, we can also elimite promising referees who give up before they even have a chance to prove themselves.

As president of the Football Association of the league, I want to open up and support the idea of ​​professiolization of referees in more places. I will cooperate as much as possible in this direction, but the main initiator of such a change should be an enlightened chairman of the referee commission. I think this is a systemic thing that will help Czech football much more than endless personnel changes that lead to nothing in the fil.

The author is chairman of the Football Association league.

one. Pilsen 16 12 3 one 34:10 39
2. Slavia 16 12 one 3 51:14 37
3. Sparta 16 9 5 2 30:15 32
four. Olomouc 16 7 3 6 25:18 24
5. h. Kings 16 7 2 7 19:19 23
6. ml. Boleslav 16 6 four 6 26:24 22
7. Bohemia 16 6 four 6 27:29 22
eight. Slovakia 16 6 four 6 20:27 22
9. Liberec 16 6 3 7 21:21 21
ten. Ostrava 16 5 5 6 26:24 twenty
eleven. Brno 16 6 2 eight 27:34 twenty
12. Teplice 16 5 four 7 23:35 19
13. No. Budejovice 16 5 3 eight 17:30 eighteen
fourteen. Apple tree 16 four four eight 22:27 16
fifteen. Zlin 16 2 6 eight 3:30 p.m. 12
16. Pardubice 16 3 one 12 13:39 ten
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November 15, 2022 • 5:51 pm

Frank ends. Say goodbye to a foul like VAR. He failed tests before

Frank ends.  Say goodbye to a foul like VAR.  He failed tests before

FIFA World Cup 2022

28 minutes ago

World Cup 2022 ONLINE: Historic goals and courageous words of the captain of the Iranian tiol team

World Cup 2022 ONLINE: Historic goals and courageous words of the captain of the Iranian tiol team

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