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Iranian mockery of Maguire: Your defense is terrible! He’s already immune…

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They saw the opponent’s weakness and decided to take advantage of it. Iranian fans went to the opening match of group B of the championship in Qatar with unusual flags. They mocked Harry Maguire. The Manchester United captain is not having a perfect season… But he was the one laughing after the fil whistle. England confidently beat the opposition 6-2, and the 29-year-old stopper was one of the best on the field.

One poster read: “Harry Maguire, your defense is terrible.” This meant that his defense was terrible. And on the other: “This is not a homecoming because of Harry Maguire.”

In the football world, there is no more popular target for jokes than the Iranian fans intended to take advantage of and abandon the English defender. But he should already be immune to such sprites…

In addition, he received loud support from his own fans in the stadium during the warm-up. And he turned the Iranian allusions into a great performance.

First, he hit the crossbar, then started the action before the first goal, and in the second he made an assist when, after a corner kick, he headed the ball to Bukay Saka. To this he added impeccable work in defense.

England mager Gareth Southgate had no doubts about Maguire. “This is our key player,” he insisted. At the same time, many experts expressed the opinion that he should not play …

After a string of inconclusive performances, Maguire was also given a spot in the Manchester United starting lineup. In the hierarchy of Erica ten Hag’s empire stoppers, he even dropped to fourth place after Raphael Varane, Lisandro Martinez and Victor Lindelöf.

But if in Theater of Dreams Maguire’s performance is embarrassing, when he puts on the jersey of the tiol team, his performance immediately rises.

What’s this? It’s hard to say, but it’s true.

November 21 • 14:00

November 21


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Home: 35. Bellingham, 43. Saka, 45+1. Sterling, 62. Saka, 71. Rashford, 90. Grealish

Guests: 65. Taremi, 90+13. Taremi


Home: Pickford – Trippier, Stones, Maguire (70. Dyer), Shaw – Saka (70. Rashford), Rice, Bellingham, Mount (70. Foden), Sterling (70. Grealish) – Kane (C) (75. K. Wilson ).

Guests: Bayranvand (19th Hossein) – Moharrami, Puraliganji, Chesmi (46th Kaanizadegan), Hossein, Mohammadi (63rd Torabi) – Nurollahi (77th Azmun), Karimi (46th Ezatolahi), Haysafi (K) , Jahanbakhsh (46th Golizade) – Taremi.


Home: Pope, Ramsdale, Alexander-Arnold, Cody, Dyer, Walker, White, Foden, Gallagher, Grealish, Henderson, Phillips, Rashford, Wilson

Guests: Abadzade, Hosseini, Niyazmand, Jalali, Khalilzade, Kaanizadegan, Rezayan, Amiri, Ezatolahi, Goddos, Golizade, Torabi, Ansarifard, Azmun


Guests: Jahanbakhsh, Puraliganji


Klaus (bracelet) – Correa (bracelet), Simon (bracelet)


Khalifa Intertiol Stadium, Ar Rayyan


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November 4, 2022 • 10:43 am

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