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Son stabbed his own mother in Teplice?! He was in custody

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The police are investigating a murder in Teplice. The woman died during a family conflict. Detectives have arrested a 30-year-old man who is suspected of committing a crime. The incident took place on Sunday evening in the village of the Teplitsky district. The man who was supposed to stab his mother was charged with murder and a custody petition was filed with the court. This was reported by the press secretary of the police Ilo Gazdoshova.

The police on the spot found out that the conflict occurred between family members. The woman was seriously injured and subsequently died from her injuries. The police arrested the man immediately after the crime. “Currently, crimil proceedings are underway aimed at clarifying the closer circumstances of the case,” the report says. the spokeswoman said without further details.

After an autopsy, the police confirmed that the woman had died a violent death, in which someone else was involved. “The detainee was accused of a particularly serious crime – murder, and the investigator sent a request to the prosecutor to take the accused into custody,” the report says. — added Gazdoshova. Investigators do not yet know the motive for the terrible crime.

According to the iDNES.cz server, this is the village of Bzhany in Teplice, the son stabbed his mother. Since the beginning of this year, regiol investigators have initiated crimil cases on especially serious crimes in the form of murder in 19 cases, six of which are completed murders. All cases were cleared up.

Source: Blesk

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