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Jagr buried his father. A touching letter, a tractor instead of a Mercedes and the magic of numbers

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Jagr buried his father. A touching letter, a tractor instead of a Mercedes and the magic of numbers

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The ceremony began at noon. However, at 10 o’clock the funeral service delivered the coffin to the church on Kladnenskaya Square. At 11 o’clock Jaromir Jagr entered the church with his companion Dominika. Gradually, the mourners and other arrivals began to gather.

Many familiar faces also came to the funeral of the father of the legend, a popular Klad official and, according to everyone, a good guy. Martin Straka, Jiri Shlegr, Milan Novi, Tomasz Plekanec and others.

The ceremony was held by the famous priest Zbigniew Zendlik. At first he spoke alone, then he gave the floor to Jaromir Jagro, who wanted to talk about his late father. “From behind, Jaromir read me part of his farewell. I’ll tell you, I’ve never seen him so nervous. But the text he reads to you is great. Jaromir would be a good priest,” Chandlik added, whereupon Jagr walked over to the pulpit.

“Dad would be glad that so many people, so many acquaintances and friends came to say goodbye to him. He was very fond of hockey, but he did not play it well. At the same time, his mother praised him for how beautifully he rides. So I told her: Mom, either you don’t understand, or you still love, ”he discharged the gloomy atmosphere.

“At first, I only wrote notes about our relationship, about memories. As a result, this letter came out of it. The last letter on the way to heaven to dad from his son. You were the artist, I am the picture you painted that people come to see. Your severity was your brush,” he touched Mother An, who was sitting on the front bench, next to which he sat down to support her for the rest of the mass.

One piece of advice Jagr got from his father? ‘Don’t get married, you have time’ According to the Kladno owner and NHL legend, his father was known for all his dry humor. “Maybe your origil greeting: Hello, are you doing something? You have been able to thwart even the greatest fighters. I don’t know if you will meet St. Peter, Jesus, God or someone else in heaven first, but the greeting has a different style. That would not be a good start,” he concluded again with exaggeration and wit.

He also mentioned the magic of numbers. Jagr Sr. died on 11/16/2022. The sum of the numbers sixteen, eleven, twenty and twenty-two adds up to the number 68. “Everything is as it should be.”

Even before the last prayer, Chandlick remembered that Jagr Sr. devoted his life to agriculture, in addition to his family: “If he had to choose between a tractor and a Mercedes, he would choose a tractor. He was a man who wouldn’t let himself go on vacation.”

LIVE STREAM – Father’s funeral (82) Jaromir Jagr
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The fil farewell to Jaromir Jagr Sr. has come to an end, as has this online broadcast. Thank you for your attention.


Jaromir Jagr Jr with his girlfriend Dominika even after the hearse had left, he briefly returned to the church. After a few minutes, he left the place, accompanied by his partner.

Jaromir Jagr with his girlfriend Dominika says goodbye to his father in Kladno
12:46 p.m.

The hearse is gone. Some of the mourners still remain in front of the church and groups talking to each other.


The funeral put the coffin in the car, and the family sent Jaromir Jagr Sr. on his way. last goodbye.

Jaromir Jagr at the end of the last farewell to his father

Now the coffin is being taken out of the church. She is followed by Jaromir Jagr Jr. with his girlfriend Dominika, and on both sides they support their mother An, for whom the situation is very difficult.

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