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Kingdom Messi: Arabs also rooted for Argentina, but euphoria was replaced by tears


DIRECTLY FROM DOHA | Life in Al-Bidda Park has come to a standstill. A picturesque place where Qataris have family barbecues, use gyms, cycle paths and playgrounds, feast in trendy restaurants, pet camels and enjoy life to the fullest, is deserted. All the more shrill was the voice from the huge loudspeakers from the neighboring fan zone: Argenti is losing to Saudi Arabia! Thousands of fans of Lionel Messi fell silent, and even the youngest dads wiped tears from their eyes. The football world announces the first surprise.

Someone suspects this, thinks that the popularity of Lionel Messi cannot surprise him. And it’s still not enough to stare at how fans from all over the world love him. Even those whose teams play in the championship at noon on Tuesday in Qatar changed their colors to blue and white. And they put on jersey number 10.

Count them at the FIFA Fan Fest? An unsolvable task. It was funny how even local sheikhs in white clothes were on dragonflies. Reason advised them to root for neighboring Saudi Arabia. However, the voice of the heart was revealed already in the second minute of the match, when Messi blocked the ball. A moment later, it became clear that they were attached to each other. The PSG star converted a pelty and the fan zone exploded.

After Pelé, Uwe Seeler, Miroslav Klos and Cristiano Roldo, Messi became the fifth player in history to score in four World Cups.

Great euphoria, but…

Messi’s second goal was ruled out for offside, the same result as that of his colleague Lautaro Martinez. The celebration of the goal of the striker of Milan “Inter” was even interrupted twice by a raised flag.

A group of four Argentinians origilly from Lanus but currently living in Abu Dhabi shook their heads. However, their good mood (so far) did not leave them, so other visitors took pictures of their dances. Those who were unlucky did not make it to Lusail Stadium. The excitement was huge, this also applied to jourlists. For the first time, our editorial team was unlucky at the championship.

In the end, coach Lionel Scaloni, who had a 36-game unbeaten streak through Tuesday, was given a pompous pick. They were one game short of repeating Italy’s unbeaten record from 2018 to 2021.

In vain, the productive Saudis, having gone the other way, caught the favorite by surprise with two blows in a row, and with the effort of goalkeeper Al-Owais, he has already retained the lead.

The festival became quiet, as was the nearby Al-Bidda Park. A group of Croatian fans could be heard mocking South Americans with a pint of beer (340 kroons equivalent) in hand. “Hasta la vista, Leo!”

Messi, next to whom the winners were kissing the lawn, angrily stretched out his jersey, then covered his face with his hands, knelt down and lowered his head so that cameras and cameras would not capture tears of sadness. He knew right away that it was a problem. For him persolly, this is the last such tourment, and the success of the team is all the more important for him.

And then, of course, the constant comparison with Diego Marodo, which will intensify again in the coming days …

“No excuses, this is a hard blow that we did not expect,” the captain faced defeat like a man. “We have not faced such a situation for a long time, but this makes us even more united. This team is strong, they have proven it many times. We need to think further,” Messi added.

To Mexico and then to Poland with Robert Lewandowski. Nothing for the LM10 et al lost, but it’s a huge complication from the start. On the campus where the Argentines have set up camp, they will now study their own mistakes and the weaknesses of their opponents. They can’t afford another crash.

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Home: 10. Messi

Guests: 48. ash-Shahri, 53. ad-Dawsari


Home: Em. Martinez – Moli, C. Romero (59. Li. Martinez), Otamendi, Tagliafico (71. Acunya) – de Paul, Paredes (59. Ferndez) – Di Maria, Messi (C), A. Gomez (59. X. Alvarez) – La. Martinez.

Guests: al-Uwais – Abdulhamid, Tambakti, al-Bulaji, al-Shahrani (90 + 9. al-Brayq) – al-Buraikan (89. Asiri), Kanu, al-Malki, al-Faraj (K) (45 + 4 al-Abid, 88. al-Amri), ad-Dawsari – ash-Shahri (78. al-Gham).


Home: Rulli, Armani, Martinez, Foyt, Montiel, Pezzella, Akunya, Mac Allister, Palacios, Ferndez, Rodriguez, Almada, Correa, Dybala, Alvarez

Guests: ar-Rubayi, al-Aqidi, al-Amri, al-Gham, ad-Dawsari, Madu, al-Braj, an-Najii, Bahibri, al-Abud, Utaj, al-Abid, al-Hasan, Asiri


Guests: al-Malki, al-Bulaikhi, al-Dawsari, Abdulhamid, al-Abid, al-Uwajs


Vincic – Klannik, Kovacic – Ndiaye.


Famous Lusail Stadium, Lusail.

Group C


Saudi Arabia
one one 0 0 2:1 3

0 0 0 0 0:0 0

0 0 0 0 0:0 0

one 0 0 one 1:2 0

FIFA World Cup 2022

19 minutes ago

EDIT: Argenti – South Arabia 1:2. Underdog reversal and the first shock at the World Cup

EDIT: Argenti - South Arabia 1:2.  Underdog reversal and the first shock at the World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2022

Hour ago

Humiliated Argenti: against the wall. Big hit and crazy celebration, Messi out

Humiliated Argenti: against the wall.  Big hit and crazy celebration, Messi out

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