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Vrabel takes over the supporters of the SPD movement. Okamura is in a panic and hastily seeks foreclosure to please the people.

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World champion in executions Ladislav Vrabel, connected with the Czech initiative in 1st place and under all circumstances a great guy, is slowly but surely taking over the supporters of the SPD. He is very attractive to many SPD supporters for his popular demeanor, understandable disinformation and many executions. People feel that he is one of them.

“Lada is a man of the people. He has redemption rights, just like me. I like it in him. That he does not play games and cares about the well-being of the Czech Republic. I used to believe in Okamura, but Lada is something more. Okamura has real estate, a villa and money. He has no ransom. Even if he wants good, he cannot treat us ordiry people. Lada can do it. I heard that he even beats his wife. I like that. It is set up just like me. This man represents ordiry people, true patriots,” says Mr. Aleš from Příbrami, who supported the SPD for many years, but now Ladislav Vrabel has won his heart.

It was Vrabel’s growing popularity among his constituencies that crippled Tomio Okamura, whose political future depends precisely on people like Mr. Aleš from Příbrami.

“Mr. Okamura watches with displeasure the ascent of Vrabel. He doesn’t like that it captures some of his supporters. He understands that he must take action to regain the people’s trust. For this reason, he has stopped paying all his obligations and is in a hurry to foreclose. He wants to be closer to his constituents. It turns out that executions these days are an advantage for some voters, not an obstacle, ”explained a source close to Okamura, who requested anonymity.

Tomio Okamura himself even confirmed this friendly step towards the voters.

“I understand that I represent a certain part of the electorate, for which the ransom is a common thing. Obviously, ransom is not a dirty word for them. This is part of their life. problems, just like them. At present, this is Mr. Vrabel, but I believe that I will win their hearts again, and Mr. Vrabel will sink into oblivion, like Mr. Konvichka once did. I’ll outlive all those quick leavers. I am the king of the pack here,” said Tomio Okamura confidently.

Dominic Landsman
November 21, 2022 • 3:08 pm

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“I not only stopped paying my obligations, but also took out a number of loans that I am not going to repay. Foreclosure is only a matter of time, and I believe that once I’m up to my neck in foreclosure, my constituents will appreciate it. Filly, I will be one of them.

But I won’t stop at executions. I missed the dentist appointment and intend to keep doing so until half of my teeth have rotted away. It will hurt. It won’t be pretty, but my voters will appreciate it. I approach them again.

I also started smoking and drinking cheap rum. Then I try to go to the casino for slot machines at least twice a week. I will let you, Sparrow, take over my supporters. You don’t know what I’m capable of and what I’m willing to sacrifice,” Okamura sent a sigl to Vrabel that he was taking the initiative.

Wild Duck is fake news about real events that didn’t happen but could, as incredible as it sounds. But the march of supporters of Ladislav Vrabel to the Czech television is a reality.

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