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The man had to threaten the staff of the Kladna hospital with a weapon: He declared himself to the police

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Police were looking for a man who threatened to use a weapon in Kladno hospital on Tuesday afternoon. Then he left the building. According to information, it was a 41-year-old suspect, his photo was published on Twitter. In the evening, the alleged perpetrator surrendered to the police.

The man came to one of the departments of the hospital after 14:00. He threatened staff with an unidentified weapon. “The threats were supposed to be verbal, but the police do not underestimate them in any way,” Sukhankova said.

In early November, due to a threatening phone call, the Příbram Hospital was closed for several hours, only patients with acute illnesses were allowed in, and the entrances were guarded by the police.

An angry man called the reception and threatened to liquidate the hospital. He later reported himself to the police and confessed in a phone call. The police accused him of spreading disturbing messages. He faces up to three years in prison, the charge is at large.

Source: Blesk

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