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What pushed the British away? Guardiola’s combination and Bellingham’s attacking six

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England are still enjoying an impressive start to the league. But what caused it? A combition of Guardiola’s style, the right habits of the players from the clubs and the attacking six. Thus, Bellingham et al. they beat Iran 6:2. Of course, this should be diluted with the lower quality of the opponent, but something was also instructive for Czech football. So let’s look a little under the surface.

English football is no longer about kicks and aerial duels, but low touch combitions. This European control of the ball was demonstrated by the Albion team under the auspices of Pep Guardiola (in our country it has not yet been fully accepted) in the premiere on the hot stage in Qatar in an excellent performance. She almost did not give the opponent the ball for the entire match. In the first half, they had it on their boots 83% of the time, the opponent only 17%. Common ownership? 77% compared to 23%. The English made 788 passes per match (91% accuracy), while the Iranians made only 219 passes (still more than Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League against Barcelo).

Centre-back John Stones has made the most passes (118) in a single game for England since the 1966 World Cup, when the Albion heroes last went gold. By the break, he had made 70 passes. If he didn’t

Source: Blesk

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