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Hradecka with tears in her eyes about her career. She remained in the ranking due to a broken printer

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It has been a month since she last hit the ball in a competitive match. When Lucie Hradecka looks back on the wonderful years she spent on the carousel of tennis tourments, her emotions are still seething. “The career was amazing and unexpected. As a child, I didn’t imagine it at all,” she said tearfully at her home club I. ČLTK Praha.

Trainer Jiří Fenzl revealed when the turning point in a longtime client’s career took place. And club mager Vladislav Shavrda is said to soon persuade the champion to join Štvanice in the extra league. What else did the three-time Grand Slam winner and Olympic medalist have to say?

About a week after career

TV viewers may have seen Lucia Gradecka pundit during the Billie Jean King Cup broadcasts, but in recent days the former pro has mostly devoted herself to non-tennis activities.

“I maged to move enough bricks, dig out the soil and so on, because we are finishing the reconstruction. Three weeks of work. But I also maged to visit friends I hadn’t seen in twenty years,” she said.

The fact that he continues to feature in Monday’s doubles rankings at No. 29 is just a coincidence. “My printer at home was not working, I was waiting for Jirka (Fenkla) to fix it at home. I have a withdrawal request from the leaderboard on my desk, but I can’t fill it out and submit it yet. It will be soon, then even a doping woman will no longer look at me, ”she said.

Fans may soon see Hradecka again at the home are. The mager of I. CLTK Praha would like to see her in the traditiol competition – the extra league of mixed teams. “We can’t let such an excellent pair woman carry bricks around the house, she must take the racket off the il. When he trains for one day, he can start right away,” said Vladislav Shavrda with a smile.

Hradecka wants to stay in tennis in later years and dedicate herself to the kids at school.

On an unexpectedly successful career

“When I arrived in Štwanice, I really didn’t know what tennis was,” Hradecka recalls. “Mr. Shavrda then persuaded my father to start skating in intertiol tourments, that there would be potential. I started skating at the age of eighteen,” she recalls.

A key factor was a later association with coach Jiří Fenklé. In the beginning, no one thought that they would be able to win Olympic medals or Grand Slam titles.

“It was something incredible to see, enjoy and experience. We are sad that this is over. On the other hand, it was a reason to rejoice, because the career was incredible. If someone had told me that something like this would happen, I would never have believed, ”Fencl admitted.

About twelve years of cooperation with the trainer

When exactly did Fenzl start training Hradecka? “It was somewhere in 2009 or 2010. The time we worked together for a long time shows what kind of person Lucca is,” said the coach. “For this to work this long, the characters have to match. And Lucca’s merit is that she never looks for flaws anywhere, except inside herself. We always told each other everything as it is.

What makes Gradetskaya special? “To be honest with myself,” Fenkl said.

About the breakout title in Paris 2011

Czech pairing Sestini Hlavackova and Hradecka arrived at Roland Garros 11 years ago with four WTA titles under their belts but no Grand Slam success. Everything has changed in the city on the Seine. “This experience was unrealistic for us, and we never dreamed about it,” admitted Hradecka. “Roland Garros was a shock and a big turning point. You understand that this is no longer a coincidence, ”Fencl recalled. After winning their first Grand Slam, the duo H+H came under unexpected pressure, which was reflected in the next tourment. “I still remember how Andrea and Lucca lost on grass in Eastbourne in a great match against Huber and Raymond, and they were very upset. If they had lost to such great players three weeks ago, they would not have been disappointed. But there was a tipping point, they had higher expectations from each other, and they suddenly had to come to terms with it, ”said Fenzl.

About career highlights

Early in her career, Hradecka turally focused on singles and was ranked No. 41 by the WTA. Biggest experience? 2012 Madrid semi-fil against Sere Williams. “It was always a dream to win singles at the WTA, but doubles made up for it,” smiled Hradecka. In doubles, she won three Grand Slam titles (Roland Garros 2011, US Open 2013, Roland Garros 2013 mixed doubles) and two Olympic medals – bronze in mixed doubles with Rio’s Radek Stepanek and silver in doubles with Andrea Sestini . Glavachekov from London. She has won the Fed Cup five times. “Each tourment has a certain history. But if you look at it globally, Olympic medals have reached a wider range of people and reached more people,” Hradecka said.



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Last lesson on the court.  Hradecka dropped out in Mexico and says goodbye forever

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