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Satoransky helped win. Federal duel for the Czech pair “Bars”


Defensive Barcelo concert in the second quarter! This time, Partizan Belgrade came to Palau Blaugra. The Serbian team is enjoying the Euroleague after eight years and with the famed Željko Obradovic on the bench, they also clenched their teeth as they knocked out Barcelo’s mainstay. Bad luck! Barca made amends after two defeats and won 79:68. Tomas Satoransky contributed to the Serbian rout with 11 points, three rebounds and three assists.

Barcelo clearly needed to take action, if only for their own peace of mind. Losing in Istanbul against Adolu Efes was not such a tragedy, but the defeat in the Catalan derby of the Spanish League against Badalo was already a wake-up call in Sarus Jasikevicius’ dressing room.

Traditiolly, in the starting rotation against Partizan, Tomasz Satoransky ran out. Jan Vesely was waiting on the bench. Barça’s task was clear – to control the quick counterattacks of the Serbian guests. Slovak Vladimir Brodzyansky, who came to Partizan from Turkey just a few days ago, made his debut in the Euroleague and performed well. Brodzianski and Kyle Kuric even met on the field in the fourth quarter. The Barcelo quarterback also holds Slovak citizenship in honor of his grandfather and returned to the Euroleague squad after a long time due to health problems.

It is a fact that the hosts did not do well in the first quarter and Palau Blaugra were often silent as Partizan took a six-point lead. But that’s where it all ended. In the second period, the Spanish representative closed the shop and a particularly quick return to defense caused problems for former employer Jan Vesela.

Yes, Vesely had three successful seasons with Partizan before joining the NBA. On Tuesday evening, however, Barcelo’s strings were being pulled by others. Tomasz Satoranski was full of activity and looked down at the ring several times during a successful dunk.

Vesely was not as visible and remained true to the last matches, when the Czech center gave up his attacking appetites. He scored just four points and five rebounds. However, the quarterbacks pulled Barca out. Nicolas Laprovittola has traditiolly been productive, Satoransky joined him. He also spent the most time at the board among domestic wrestlers.

Apart from the start of the match, Partizan didn’t come out with their typical fast counter-attacking game, and if Danilo Andiušić hadn’t exploded with points in the second half, Partizan would have gone home with a bigger share.


November 21, 2022 • 8:09 pm

Czech support in Spain is growing: I have changed a lot. It would be nice to go to Prague


November 17, 2022 • 9:33 pm

Great start, then crash! Barcelo fell in the Euroleague, the Czechs went unnoticed

Great start, then crash!  Barcelo fell in the Euroleague, the Czechs went unnoticed

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