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Left: Goal after losing Messi. Argentina felt that nothing could happen

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The third day of the championship in Qatar brought an extraordiry sensation. Saudi Arabia beat Argenti 2-1, Messi & Co. The 36-match unbeaten streak is broken. What does defeat at the start of Group C mean for one of the strongest teams in the tourment? “Argenti will be worried,” says Stanislav Levy, an expert for the Sport newspaper and the iSport.cz website.

How do you handle the first shock of the World Cup?

“This is a huge surprise. Argenti scored an early goal in the first half, domited the match, three goals were not counted due to a minimum offside. Their players probably felt that nothing could happen. Saudi Arabia, equalizing at the beginning of the second half, elimited they were completely out of the rhythm, completely unsettled. In some situations, the defense of Saudi Arabia played high enough, for me it was only a matter of time before the Argentines scored the second goal. Then there would be nothing to decide. But the Argentines did not add an insurance goal, then they lost the rhythm and all that remained was to win the goal, especially after they conceded and made the score 1-2. There was not enough idea, surprise. The Saudis were defending on the verge of self-sacrifice, so there was such a surprise.”

Did the Argentines underestimate the match with the weakest opponent in the group on paper?

“There could have been complacency at the beginning. Messi had a great chance, then they took the lead from the pelty spot, they were not given the next three goals. They created dangerous situations for themselves, they felt that nothing could happen to them, that they would score the second goal and the match would be over. But the settlement really took them by surprise.”

Argenti lacked more directness?

“If you look at the statistics, the Argentines have domited everything. Possession of the ball, the number of shots on goal, outside the goal, corners … In attack, it was rather stereotypical against the backdrop of a tight defense in the second half. But the match would have been judged differently if they had scored two goals in the first half.”

FIFA World Cup 2022

10 hours ago

The shocking collapse of Argenti? The Czech players lost, but… One took 1.69 million.

Were you surprised by the performance of Saudi Arabian football players, who sometimes even went to the limit of self-sacrifice to protect the favorites of the biggest stars?

“Their coach Herve Rerd showed for a long time that he knew what he wanted to play, he was able to convey this to the players from Saudi Arabia. They were disciplined, well prepared. Of course, they also had things belonging to these peoples. They remained lying down, how many times they imitated to knock the opponent off the pace a little, but you can count on such teams.

Will the loss of a favorite help the further course of the championship?

“This is one match, it’s too early to say that the forecasts for the development of the championship will somehow change … I still say that Europe will play well, I’m especially interested in the fight against South America, which for me is mainly Argenti and Brazil. But Argenti will have enough to worry about, the matches against Mexico and Poland will not be easy.”

What will such a loss do to Argenti in the next two games against the strong opponents you mentioned?

“Even before the championship, Argenti was among the favorites, it was pressured by domestic media and fans. It won’t be easy, I myself wonder how he will react to this situation.”

Could Lionel Messi have played better?

“It’s more about the general concept of Argenti, which is very dependent on Messi. In the first half, he was certainly the player who gave the match an impetus, left his mark on it. But in the second half he was more or less uble to do anything, he was invisible. In addition, the first goal of the opponent was scored after he got lost in the center of the field, although a pair of central defenders in that situation, of course, did not work.

The referee gave almost fourteen minutes, what do you think of this championship trend?

“I read that Pierluigi Colli (a former respected intertiol judge) advocated for this. It can expel unnecessary things when players are left lying on the lawn and linger. But when ten or twelve minutes are set, the nervousness and pressure on the referee is much greater, time flies by. But this is a trend when the championship will show if it’s right, while it seems right to me.

Argenti All about the club HERE

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November 22
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Saudi Arabia
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Home: 10. Messi

Guests: 48. ash-Shahri, 53. ad-Dawsari


Home: Em. Martinez – Moli, C. Romero (59. Li. Martinez), Otamendi, Tagliafico (71. Acunya) – de Paul, Paredes (59. Ferndez) – Di Maria, Messi (C), A. Gomez (59. X. Alvarez) – La. Martinez.

Guests: al-Uwais – Abdulhamid, Tambakti, al-Bulaji, al-Shahrani (90 + 9. al-Brayq) – al-Buraikan (89. Asiri), Kanu, al-Malki, al-Faraj (K) (45 + 4 al-Abid, 88. al-Amri), ad-Dawsari – ash-Shahri (78. al-Gham).


Home: Rulli, Armani, Martinez, Foyt, Montiel, Pezzella, Akunya, Mac Allister, Palacios, Ferndez, Rodriguez, Almada, Correa, Dybala, Alvarez

Guests: ar-Rubayi, al-Aqidi, al-Amri, al-Gham, ad-Dawsari, Madu, al-Braj, an-Najii, Bahibri, al-Abud, Utaj, al-Abid, al-Hasan, Asiri


Guests: al-Malki, al-Bulaikhi, al-Dawsari, Abdulhamid, al-Abid, al-Uwajs


Vincic – Klannik, Kovacic – Ndiaye.


Famous Lusail Stadium, Lusail.

Group C

one. Saudi Arabia one one 0 0 2:1 3
2. Mexico one 0 one 0 0:0 one
3. Poland one 0 one 0 0:0 one
four. Argenti one 0 0 one 1:2 0

FIFA World Cup 2022

12 hours ago

Kingdom Messi: Arabs also rooted for Argenti, but euphoria was replaced by tears

Kingdom Messi: Arabs also rooted for Argenti, but euphoria was replaced by tears

FIFA World Cup 2022

13 hours ago

Humiliated Argenti: against the wall. Big hit and crazy celebration, Messi out

Humiliated Argenti: against the wall.  Big hit and crazy celebration, Messi out

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News from 11/22/2022

Celebration in honor of the victory. fans Saudi Arabia they can go on to celebrate a big and shocking 2-1 World Cup victory in Qatar over Argenti. State after a historic victory declared a holiday the next day. “Tomorrow, Wednesday, has been declared a public holiday for all employees of all sectors of the public and private sectors and students of all levels of education,” King Salman said in a statement.


News from 11/22/2022

Football Association of Wales will demand from FIFA an official explation why some fans were confiscated upon entering the stadium ahead of Monday’s World Cup match against the United States rainbow colored hats. Especially for the championship in Qatar, the association has prepared a special design for its fans in several versions. According to a statement from the Welsh Association, fans and some members of the implementation team were asked to remove their hats before entering the stadium in Rajan, and some were even confiscated. Therefore, representatives of the trade union officially appealed to FIFA and asked to explain these incidents. FIFA has not yet commented on the situation.

News from 11/22/2022
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Bettors who bet on Argenti’s shocking 1-2 loss to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday at the World Cup in Qatar have largely lost. The majority believed the South Americans and bet more than 30 million crowns on their victory.. But the couple bet on an underdog and one of them won 1.69 million crowns. This follows from the information from the bookmakers contacted by CTK. Read more HERE >>>

Saudi Arabia sensatiolly defeated Argenti at the start of the World Cup
News from 11/22/2022
311 f79023d462ca6b7d6d0598a62f8b1941

Argentine media criticize shocking defeat at the start of the World Cup. “Argenti is stuck in the Saudi web and has suffered a historic blow in Qatar,” the daily Clarín wrote on its website. “The tiol team is disappointed with the start of the World Cup in Qatar,” added the newspaper Crónica. “The Saudis started the second half in style, while the Argentines looked sleepy. And they paid dearly for their mistakes,” Kronika said. “The tiol team was unrecognizable – fuzzy, indistinct, weak individual game … The attack did not work, our players were offside a million times. Scaloni’s team was far from domiting a weak opponent,” Diario Popular added.

Argenti lost after 36 matches and lost the chance to equal Italy’s record. “The series is over, now the team has to react for the first time in the entire World Cup cycle. It was not enough against the weakest opponent in the group. What now?” Clarine wrote. “The situation has changed dramatically after today’s result. Argenti has no room for further hesitation,” added Diario Popular.

News from 11/22/2022

And the man of the match Argenti-Saudi Arabia becomes… Messi? But! Saudi Arabia goalkeeper Mohammed Alovais.

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