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Podcast: Shares the Grand Prix with Kozub. Krzhenkova outshines her co-stars in The Enchanted Princess in Time 2.

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After a long time, Jan Prushinovsky directed his own script, thanks to which the social drama received the Grand Prix. Glitter’s critics can’t agree on whether it’s a success or if it’s a tediously long parody. The Enchanted Princess in Time 2 definitely veers away from fairy tale and into fantasy, but it has no foreign competition. The Victim, sent by Slovakia to the Oscars, is the best movie premiere of the week, but in addition to refuting stereotypes, it also confirms some.

The filmography of the famous director Jan Prushinowski is characterized by the fact that, on the one hand, he focuses on characters who are not given due attention in popular Czech comedies, and on the other hand, he adapts the genres to the local environment and conditions. After focusing on sports (cult series District Championship), local unfortute bandits (Cobras and ske balls) and an obsession with cars (Car Dealership Monte Carlo) decided to combine everything … and he succeeded THE GRAND PRIX. He filmed both Krysztof Hadek, with whom he collaborated on several occasions (partially Private traps in the net Cobras and ske balls), an increasingly popular couple from the group Three tigers (Robin Ferro, Stepan Kozub).

Critic and Academician Ya Bebarova the Grand Prix compares exactly to the recent full-length album Three Tigers Movie: Jackpot, with which Prushinovsky’s film combines, in addition to the cast, the comedy road movie genre and the plot about the heroes embarking on a journey based on victory. “The Grand Prix is ​​a little better than the Three Tigers, and that’s because there are only two of them this time. Krystof Hadek comes on for Albert Chuba. Unfortutely this is just a sketch.- Ya sighed, that the new Prushinovsky is not much better. “That’s why I prefer to recommend him Car Dealership Monte Carlowhat Prushinovsky did seven years ago for one stream. It’s much better, harder and funnier. Also, because of the short shots, ranging from six to eight minutes per episode, the individual sketches are much more functiol.“Ja Prusinowski’s latest feature film turned out to be worse even compared to his earlier works.

Marek disagrees. On the contrary, he believes that multiplication of lines, multiplication of characters and multiplication of genres, to such an extent that it resembles Prushinovsky’s series based on “Wheel Scerios” (dwarf, APPLE JUICE!), put the drive for glasses. At the same time, he has his own comparison: “the Grand Prix it reminded me of Steven Soderbergh’s Logan’s homies, because also with a bottom view belonging to the have-nots, he subverts him upstairs, and with it the audience’s expectations.” In addition, it is shown that the characters are painted much better than it seemed at first glance. the Grand Prix compared with Together or Buko it works best in terms of representing autism (specifically Asperger’s) because it’s not the only defining characteristic of one character, nor is it an excuse for actor’s exhibitionism.

Ya goes to festivals, but with a crew the Grand Prix she wouldn’t go so she awards the film fifty%. Marek, who has not yet completely replaced the film “Three Tigers”, to his own surprise, praises the new Prushinovsky in 70-80%.

Eliska Krzhenkova twice

the Grand Prix received ten million from the State Cinematography Fund and collected two more from online contributors. And another Czech film – PRINCESS CURSED IN TIME 2 – supported the fans, almost double the amount of the collection, which was less than a million. While Prushinovsky used the money for filming in Europe to show that it was just as disgusting and interchangeable everywhere, director and co-writer of the Princess Piotr Kubik probably used it for stunts. The continuation of a fantasy tale boasts the most magic in the history of Czech cinema.

Princess in Time 2 (2022)

The creators clearly wanted to catch up with the West, so number two deviates from the fairy tale even more than number one, and goes towards fantasy with some inspiration, including in comics. However, Marek came to the conclusion that the number two is weaker than one, because in our country it is similar to the Prstenovs. two towers due to the conditions, it can’t arise well enough. “While number one was based on the idea of ​​a time loop, number two was based on doubling and the duality motif was previously a minor one, this time around the protagonist is underexploited. But Eliska Krzhenkova in a dual role is excellent, handling both positions.”.

If Marek had to choose, he would prefer Tatya Dykova (made up and dressed beyond recognition, if only her marriage to Vojtech Dyk) from the Grand Prix to Eliska Krzhenkova v Princesses Charmed by Time 2. Per 60%but when it is released on commercial TV stations and streaming service it will be a hit again in terms of viewers as it was number one.

Oscar the victim

Michal Blaszko sent his first feature film to cinemas VICTIMwho directed famous short films (Fear, Atlantis 2003) and series (especially this year Suspicion). The joint film, which challenges the concept of tiolity and pride, was submitted to the Oscars on behalf of Slovakia. Blashko was inspired by real cases in Europe when a tiol minority was wrongly accused, and studies that showed that Ukrainian men and women are the least popular in the Czech Republic. Czechs and Czechs believe that they are “taken away from work.” But the truth is that Ukrainians do what the Czechs would not want, perhaps not for a given salary and conditions that are on the verge of, and often outside the law.

He has been following the work of Ja Blaszek for a long time: “I have been following Michal Blaszek for a long time. Not only his work for Czech television, but also his short films.” And she’s thrilled about its debut: “The Victim is a visually beautiful film that deals with a strong moral dilemma. You are tense until the last moment, how the creators cope with the conflict of tense, but incredibly strong Ukrainian mothers on the one hand and Czech society on the other”. Ja enthusiastically exclaims: “Maximum recommendation!”

While Marek considers The Victim to be the best movie premiere and title under discussion, he doesn’t share the enthusiasm. There are several reasons for this: “The film seems to be almost the next in the series: inspired by a real event and the thematization of xenophobia and racism, which we have seen from Slovak filmmakers already in sharp knife, My dog ​​killer as well as Let there be light. It relies too much on what has been proven in other festival films, such as the lack of background music that is not part of the story world and the emphasis on longer shots.” In addition to assessing in context, he worries that “in addition to refuting stereotypes, the film can also confirm some, when some characters are almost caricatured, and unfortutely there is not enough more ambiguity”.

Ya from Victims excited about 100% and she would like to wish Blaszek an Oscar. Marek, despite the above criticism, would endow the moral drama with a conscience that recalls the best moments of the Dardenne brothers’ work. 80%.

Why RMN, the last festival film of the famous Romanian director Cristian Mungio, according to Marco and Ya, is the weakest in the director’s filmography, and why Ya should, on Marco’s recommendation, complete the satirical Menu, you will find out in Kulovy Blask. podcast.

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