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Bohemians Boss: I see Quet overseas. Stopper brought in fifteen sponsors


Bohemians was interesting to watch in autumn. The team, led by inexperienced coach Yaroslav Vesela, won mostly on the road, but his demanding style attracted the interest of supports. According to club boss Darko Yakubovich, the departure of Roman Kvet or Piotr Gronok has not yet been completed. “I know that Roman was convinced that he wanted to go abroad,” he says in a long interview. He also talks about the peculiarities of Jaroslav Vesela, the interest in the club in the second league and the problems with Cholicek.

During the interview on TV there is a World Cup match, who do you root for?
“I have Argenti on the line and I want that for Lionel Messi. His dream is to equal Marado, the world title is the only thing he lacks.

But non-football issues are also being resolved …
“This is a very controversial tourment. Either by the host country or its violation of human rights. They talk about dead people building stadiums… Moreover, when I saw the opening match, Qatar is not the right team for the World Cup. Experts rated it somewhere at the level of the third league. Of course, the home team had a difficult opponent, but a slightly different match was expected than the one we were shown.

Perhaps the Bohemians are also following the World Cup because of potential additions to the squad?
“I wouldn’t say so. Of course, we have players in sight, it’s hard to say whether they will appear at the World Cup. We know from history that we are somehow connected, for example, with Asian clubs. Perhaps thanks to coaches who we worked there and went through the Bohemian, but if we have ambitions to bring players from the World Cup, I don’t think so.”

At the same time, Bohemia was the first Czech stop for exotic tiolities. The first Bahrainis, Uzbeks, Colombians played in the Czech Championship… At the same time, former coach Klyusacek and current coach Yaroslav Vesely know the Middle East environment.
“The list of players we follow or watch is huge. But now we definitely do not have a goal for transfers. Rather, sometimes it pops up relatively quickly and randomly, like Yusuf, who we may not have even known about a few months ago.”

But now there is no “exotic” player on Bohemian A’s team…
“The recommendation to say goodbye to foreigners who were at the end of the line worked for us. It turns out that this is the right way, because if a foreigner wants to get into the Czech league, he must be better than the local guys. There are a lot of offers, 99 percent from unknown people, and we usually ignore them. Then there are the relevant sources from which we will look if something comes up. There are several ways to find out about a player.”

Let’s move on to the fall of the league. The Bohemians are seventh in a bloated mid-table, how was the first half of the season?
“She had a lot of positives. From the point of view of the Bohemian, perhaps the most important thing is the muzzle, which, in fact, emptied itself. Throughout the autumn, she avoided serious injuries. Secondly, the position in the table. It looks relatively good, but the score is not so good. The gaps are really minimal, the first spring tours will tell a lot.”

Coach Yaroslav Vesely attracted a lot of attention. New me in the first league.
“We also agreed with Lucek Klusacek (outgoing coach) that Yarda would be the best choice and we didn’t consider anyone else. He restored our confidence, saved the league. The expansion was the logical choice. Yarda, thanks to the fact that he comes from the more modest conditions that he had in Hradec, is able to make the most out of the minimum. It doesn’t have players like the top clubs, but we have a more individual approach to the players. We also went through a completely different preparation for emptying the marodka.”

It seems that there is a lot of water, it is full everywhere. Could this be a small problem?
“Of course not, on the contrary. It is precisely because the salon is full of them that he enjoys great respect. At the same time, he communicates directly with the players and does not hide anything from them. The player knows exactly what position he is in the team. Communicates with them on a regular basis, like no player gets offended because he immediately tells them. Everyone knows his position, why he is nomited and not nomited, what chances he has in the team.”

I meant more of his outward expression. He can poke an opponent, sometimes a referee…
“He says things as they are and as he feels them. It’s right for me. Why play something that doesn’t exist? He’s just open and honest, that’s what I like about him.”

Bohemians have been said for years that football hurts them, although this was no longer true. But now the team is very determined.
“After a period where we were more technical and less aggressive, a properly balanced aggressiveness is returning. The guys go to the end, for example, Piotr Chronek, who does not miss a single fight and sometimes it hurts because he leaves his leg there.”

When you mentioned Peter Chronko. Some players get a lot of attention. Will they be in the lineup in the spring?
“The attacking trio of Puskach, Chronek, Quet from the first

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