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What does porn do to our psyche?

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In general, both sex and lovemaking strengthen the bond between partners. This is the intimacy that occurs when you focus on who is with you during intercourse. However, due to the influence of porn films, this concept is changing. Why is this and how does porn affect our minds?

They say it’s behind the popularity of porn the so-called Coolidge effect. This consists in the fact that if a person is exposed to new potential partners, then he loses physical contact, i.e. sex, much more interest.

Porn too fourth most common causewhy do we turn on the internet. Of the total, 28% are women.

Dopamine is to blame

The popularity of porn is that everything we find enjoyable helps release dopamine in our body. A hormone that causes pleasant sensations. It gives us a euphoria that acts like a drug. As soon as we experience this feeling, we demand another dose. Bigger and more intense.

Porn and distorted reality

You can watch porn greater diversification of relationshipshowever, if we exceed his limit, he will become him addiction that hurts. The main reason is that everything we see in porn it has almost nothing to do with reality. Porn really awakens our sexual appetite, but in the way we see it. And that’s what we want.

The more we watch porn, the less it satisfies us, and we we are in a vicious circle, we need more and more impulses that would again restore our sense of happiness and satisfaction. Long term watching porn leads to loss of self-controlan obsessive search for satisfaction and frustration when it is lacking.

Porn has the same effect as any other addiction. Frequent visitors to adult sites feel less need to establish normal social relationships.

Porn and relationships

Why is it so? Because it’s much easier. You don’t have to look for someone, you don’t have to decide if this person is right for you or if you like him, and yet you will get what you are looking for. And when it’s over, you turn off your computer screen.

Another reason why porn is becoming more and more popular is because you don’t have to fear of being rejected. Ultimately, however, this very method of “social” contact leads to social anxiety, feeling depressedand even erection problems. What initially made you more sexually active eventually leads to sexual dissatisfaction.

Porn and expectations

The main denial of pornography lies, first of all, in what pornography itself actually teaches us. In particular, the younger generation may consider the scenes they see to be completely real and subsequently expect the same activity from their partners. But this is not the case. Everything we see in porn is fiction. Up to 88% of porn scenes contain physical aggression and 49% verbal violence. Women are traditiolly seen as objects in porn. It’s also important to remember that we definitely don’t look like adult movie stars when we’re having sex. Also, not everything we see in porn is actually as nice as the actors portray it to be. If porn fills your sex life more than real sex, you might want to consider it.

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