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A drunk non-driver (23 years old) was running away from the police from Hradec in an Audi: he almost knocked down a group of pedestrians!

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Having lost consciousness, the 23-year-old non-driver tried to escape from the police from Hradec in a luxurious Audi A8. He was driving in the opposite direction in Hradec Kralove and almost hit a group of pedestrians in a nightclub! But he did not run away from the police, and in the end breathed a sigh of relief.

Police officers from Hradec Kralove spotted a luxurious Audi A8 late at night at the end of November. According to them, the car was driving very abnormally, so they decided to stop it and check it. But instead, the driver stepped on the gas and began to drive away.

At some point he was driving in the opposite direction, on a wet road he had problems with the correct feed of the car. He then drove onto the lawn, where he nearly hit several pedestrians near a nightclub. They had to jump up at the last moment and save themselves.

“After driving a few tens of meters in the parking lot, he stopped and got out of the car,” described police officer Iva Kormoshova. So he couldn’t escape. The police found out that it was a newly minted 23-year-old man who never had a driver’s license, and the car also belonged to his friend.

In addition, they measured it with a 1.8 ppm alcohol breath test. “The man was taken to the anti-alcohol isolation ward, where the doctor found him fit to be placed in a police cell. The man now faces crimil liability for endangering life under the influence of an addictive substance, which could lead to a year in prison, a fine or a ban on activity.” added Kormoshova.

Source: Blesk

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