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The raging drug dealer wanted to demolish the apartment, threatened his partner: He faces 10 years in prison

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A repeat offender (36 years old) from Pelhrimovsk, who threatened to kill his partner and the people around him, ended up in a police cell, and then in custody. In addition, he took control of the distribution of drugs to several dozen clients, despite being on probation.

Forensics knew about the “pest in the region” and gradually mapped her crimil activities. Although he was given a suspended sentence in 2019 for drug-related offenses, the man did not attach much importance to this.

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“He repeatedly sold drugs or gave them away for free in various places in Pelhrimov. He provided methamphetamine and marijua on almost thirty occasions.” police spokeswoman Mikaela Lebrova said.

dangerous threat

In addition, in early November, the dealer threatened his partner via text messages, threw things out of the apartment, and threatened to destroy the entire apartment and endanger other residents of the building. The police also called firefighters to the scene. Filly, the police negotiator spoke.

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“The police established contact with the man, after which he left the apartment. After the arrest, he was transferred to the police department for further investigation.” added the spokeswoman. The trafficker and the rapist are responsible for two crimes – dangerous threats and the distribution of drugs. The court sent him into custody, he faces up to ten years behind bars.

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Source: Blesk

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