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Luxury is not afraid of a poor Christmas. Although the crisis has affected many industries, the Czechs spared themselves for the holidays

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Everything indicates that this Christmas will be more modest than in previous years. Due to the general rise in the price of everything and the fall in real incomes, people are cutting spending and planning to buy fewer and cheaper gifts. That is, with one exception. The wealthy probably won’t be saving much, and sellers of tours, jewelry, alcohol, and other luxury items haven’t noticed the drop in interest yet. And if so, then it is only called small, or rather, sentimental.

An elegant ring in 14K yellow gold set with a typical green emerald for 26,900 crowns. Perfume Straight to Heaven by Kilian for 7000 crowns. Thirty-year-old whiskey Kujira Ryukyu 30YO costs more than 31 thousand crowns. Or a voucher for a nine-day air holiday at the luxurious Constance Halaveli Resort and Spa in the Maldives for 142,440 crowns per person.

Even a Christmas present this year can look lavish; this is also evidenced by statements from sellers of luxury goods or services, who so far do not complain about the lack of buyers. “Current demand for tours, mainly for spring break, is still strong,” says Pavli Zborzhilova, sales director of Deluxea travel agency, which also organizes turnkey tours for its clients to exotic tropical destitions, but now also offers trips to the polar regions. landscapes. “We have a large number of repeat customers who know they need to book their vacation well in advance to secure the places they want to be, not the ones they will stay with. However, there is no shortage of new customers either.”

Luxury jewelry sellers won’t suffer either. “With Christmas approaching, we already feel orders are on the rise,” says Nikol Dornyakova, marketing mager at Klenota. “While we do not expect jewelery demand to be significantly lower in the next two months than previous forecasts, average order values ​​will be slightly lower.”

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