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Levi on the fall of “their” Germans: a coup! And criticism we can’t imagine

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He has a second home in a big country. After all, the match against Japan, in which Die Natiolmannschaft lost 1-2 to Japan in the first match of the World Cup in Qatar, he watched on German television. Stanislav Levy, coach and expert for the Sport newspaper and the iSport website, says of the unexpected result: “I see a parallel with Argenti here, even if the Japanese are of a different caliber than Saudi Arabia.”

Where do you see the parallel?
“This is another big surprise, although not as big, because I expected Japan to be dangerous. Many players have experience in German football and are active in the Budensliga. But there were similarities. The Germans were leading 1-0, it was expected that they would consolidate the result. Musiala had a great chance, Gundogan hit the post. In the end, they got their revenge. The stats were also similar, like the Argentines, the Germans have more ball possession, shots, almost everything.”

So why did they lose?
“The Japanese were very good tactically, they didn’t give them much space. But I must say that there were also incomprehensible decisions of coach Flick.

Can you be specific?
“I was surprised by the composition. I already said before the tourment that Süle is not a TOP striker for me. All of a sudden he was at right back and I thought they were going to play three stops. But it wasn’t. The first goal was scored from his area, he also had a hand in the second. He didn’t come out, he didn’t put the Japanese offside. This was also stated by Bastian Schweinsteiger on ARD. I think this option was a huge mistake.”

Yes, there was clearly an inconsistency with the second goal. Stopper Schlotterback had no idea that Gunslinger Asano was running after him.
“That’s right, zero connections. Schlotterbeck is to blame for the goal. His position was tactless.

What else brought down the Germans?
“I think the turning point came during the replacement. Müller and Gundogan left the field and soon the Germans scored a goal. The order in the game is gone.”

Is this a big problem for Germany?
“Big. Like the Argentines, they will be under huge pressure. They need to beat Costa Rica and before that they will play Spain. I think they would end up taking the point with the Japanese because it would still be in their hands. In Germany there will be criticism from the media, the fans, the professiol public, we can’t even imagine that in our country.”

Will coach Hansi Flick come up with big changes for the next match?
“The first thing they will do is a thorough alysis, an assessment. This will be different from our team, they will go deep, to the end. I think there will be a lot of critical voices about the composition. They didn’t have a classic striker, and Süle, shouldn’t he have played Goretzka instead of Gundogan? There will be a lot of themes and question marks, but I don’t think Flick will change the lineup dramatically.”

What do you think of the gesture of the Germans who covered their mouths because Manuel Neuer, as captain, could not wear an eyepatch in support of the LGBT movement?
“It was discussed a lot. The coach and the goalkeeper clashed, they didn’t want to talk about it much. It became a political matter. I must say, I expected them to make some kind of gesture. There is growing frustration in Germany that FIFA has cornered them. They don’t want to be silent.”

On the other hand, it was a great match, wasn’t it?
“One of the best so far. The Japanese were excellent.”

The second goal was fantastic.
“How he took this long ball for himself, and then covered it with his body … When I worked in Saarbrücken, we had a collaboration with a Japanese university. I had the opportunity to meet them. Although they were second and third level players, boys between sixteen and nineteen years old, it was already clear that they were well trained in terms of movement and technique. They simply did not have enough more tactics, which they eventually made up for. They play in the Bundesliga, in good leagues, like I said, it’s a different caliber than Saudi Arabia.”

Group E


one one 0 0 7:0 3

one one 0 0 2:1 3

one 0 0 one 1:2 0

Costa Rica
one 0 0 one 0:7 0

FIFA World Cup 2022

3 hours ago

EDIT: Germany – Japan 1:2. Another shocking twist! Goals at the end

EDIT: Germany - Japan 1:2.  Another shocking twist!  Goals at the end

FIFA World Cup 2022

2 hours ago

FIFA will not silence us,” Flick explained with a gesture. He promised that the Germans would improve after losing

FIFA will not silence us,” Flick explained with a gesture.  He promised that the Germans would improve after losing

Source: Blesk

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