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I drove like summer and forgot about the treachery of the coming winter: wet or icy?

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Wet, sometimes icy road, skidding and a car crashing into a tree. Another motorist’s camera captured the rough crash marked by treacherous weather and poor driver response. Firefighters had to cut the woman out of the car.

Police released footage from the forest area between Nizhkowice and Zaroshitse in Hodoninsk as a warning to other drivers. “The driver of the passenger car apparently did not correct the speed at the corner and skidded, causing her car to crash into a tree,” the report said. described police officer Petr Vala. The injured woman was left locked inside, and firefighters had to cut her out of a pile of sheet metal.

The footage from the accident site was reviewed by road expert Igor Sirota. According to him, despite the fact that driving schools teach drivers how to deal with skidding, the reality is different. “In such weather between municipalities, it is important to reduce the speed limit from the permitted 90 km/h. Then the driver will have more time to react to a sudden skid.” advised.

How to deal with drift?

“Only the experienced can handle the double counter rudder. The rest of them press the clutch, turn the steering wheel in the right direction, and as soon as the wheels grab, release the clutch and press the gas. Sharp steering movements, as well as panic braking, usually do not help us when skidding. But the most important thing is to never get into such a situation. So take off the gas, recommended by Igor Sirota.

it’s not visible

One of the traps of winter is ice. This happens when there is a thin layer of water on the surface of the road that freezes. The road seems wet, but slippery. This ice is also insidious in that it only forms in places.

Tires and speed

How to ride in winter? According to traffic expert Igor Sirota, drivers should consider two important things. “They should rely on good winter tires and not press on the gas pedal. Even the fact that it’s several degrees above zero outside doesn’t mean it’s not slippery. Whether it’s rain or frost indicated.

Ice and snow will cover the road

Ice mists, ice, ice, snow with rain. The weather in the coming days will resemble any driver’s nightmare. Ice forms overnight from water lying on the road. With freezing precipitation, you have to rely on weak ice even during the day. Tomorrow, especially in the highlands, it will snow again, even at an altitude of more than 400 meters.

Source: Blesk

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