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Pruza: People are saving, but the agrarian barons are still lining their pockets. Rising prices for basic foodstuffs is a problem


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“Today, even this basket is about five percent smaller than before. And maybe an even bigger problem that the first thing people take from it is fruits and vegetables.” pointed out the impact of high prices, which is now often overlooked.

“He won’t show up in a week or a month, but in a few years the quality of nutrition of a large part of the Czech population will deteriorate significantly, with consequences for health. In 10-15 years, this will mean significantly higher costs for the healthcare system,” Pruza says.

The head of the Czech Trade and Tourism Association said that, according to him, he was most worried about this fact: “How the government does not want to back down, does not want to step on the Czech agro barons, so it has actually resigned itself to some quality of life for the Czech population in the future.”

Basic foods as a problem

Food prices are in many cases rising much faster than general inflation. “When you transport this food halfway around the world, it accumulates very quickly, but the big problem is the basic foodstuffs that are produced in the Czech Republic.” explained the vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He recalled that, looking at the data of the Czech Statistical Office, it becomes obvious that the prices of agricultural products, that is, the basic things that we need to produce any kind of food, are growing by 40-60%.

“Today, there are indeed Czech agro barons here who are not really shy about raising prices on a much larger scale than their competitors, even in Western Europe,” he warned against large agricultural concerns.

Record profits of “large farmers”

“In the Czech Republic, in a number of main product segments, you have two, maximum three suppliers, which is not a competitive environment. And the stores are a little poor in this regard, because you can go to one big chicken producer or another. But both increase prices very massively. And you can’t bring everything from abroad,” he described the lack of competition on the Czech food market.

And at the same time he added: “Today we really need much more control here over where the big farmers line their pockets, because even the Minister of Agriculture is announcing that this year the big farmers will be the most profitable in history.”

According to Tomas Pruza, it is necessary the government is much bolder: “I see that he (Minister of Agriculture – ed.) will say in some program that large farmers in the Czech Republic will have the highest profit in history, but he will not say this again B, do not look at production. It is not clear why, with such high profit margins, large farmers should still receive billions in subsidies instead of directing those billions to people who really need help. And the second thing we need is real support for increased competition in the Czech market.”

Source: E15


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