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The German will bring the engine from Bavaria. But who is to blame? Doubts about the stop…

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The most famous saying in the history of football, in which the joker Gary Lineker said that the Germans always win in football, is a bit outdated. The last two major tourments ended in failure for the Die Natiolmannschaft. In Qatar, things should be different. Germany enters into a big confrontation with Japan; I must say that this is an interesting collision.

A year ago, the legendary Yogi finished after the EURO. Joachim Löw led the proud Germans for sixteen years. He registered five major medals, among which – of course – gold from the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. True, they pulled the string, as they showed at the World Championships in Russia and at the European Championships in 2020, but they played because of the Chinese virus a year later.

Hansi Flick, Löw’s assistant, who showed up during his less than two-year engagement at Bayern, attended the event. He won everything, but also showed tecity. He had a solid contract, but he parted ways with the club – Hasan Salihamidzic, the hot-tempered sports director, did not like it.

Natiol Manchaft was the obvious choice. “We want to get back to the top. It will be difficult, but we have a huge quality,” he says.

There is no reason why the Germans cannot do this. The main success factor is in Bayern, Bayern is the team’s engine. Who would not take it when he is perhaps the biggest favorite in the Champions League. Flick knows this, so he will build more than half of the starting lineup from him. Manuel Neuer in goal, Joshua Kimmich with Leon Goretzka in midfield (Ilkay Gundogan can take the lead), Thomas Müller, Leroy Sané, Serge Gbry in attack. Express youth Jamal Musiala is also close.

“In the past, this was not the case, because before the ture of football was a little different. It had more to do with the individual qualities of the players who were placed in a particular position. But football, like other team sports, develops into teamwork. Therefore, it is better to have more players from the same club in the tiol team. They got used to each other,” says Yaroslav Grzhebik, an expert with the Sport daily newspaper and a well-known coach.

“The task of the tiol team coach is to coordite everything. When Yaroslav Šilgava had a core from Slavia in the tiol team and it was the players who matched each other, he had the most success. He convinced Hansi Flick that he was right about the development of football,” he adds.

Doubts are only small. One of them is a stopper, Dortmund’s Niklas Süle is questioble. “For me, the quality of TOP is not what it is,” says Stanislav Levy, another sports expert, for whom Germany is a second home. There is also no certainty in the tip, there is no injured Timo Werner.

For now. “We have the qualities to go far. We enter it knowing that we can win it,” says Shikula Musiala.

But be careful, the first duel can be difficult. The Germans will face such a small clone of them. The Japanese are progressing in the Bundesliga. Coach Hajime Moriyasu called up eight compatriots who are now moonlighting in Germany at the club level.

Daichi Kamada, one of the key figures of the Frankfurt Reissance, has made a big me for himself in a big country, so he does not have self-confidence. “Now there are a lot of Japanese players in the Bundesliga and I think we are on the same level as the German genius,” he states, also mentioning the interesting aspect of knowing the language. “It is important that many of us understand German because of the various elements of their game that we can uncover through the language.” Natiol coach Moriyasu would also like to build on Kamada.

Wataru Endo made it to the captain’s armband in Stuttgart but will most likely miss the match against Germany due to a concussion. On the contrary, the big persolity that should start is the mainstay of the tiol team, the stopper Maya Yoshida. In the summer, he signed with Bundesliga newcomer Schalke. The player himself admits that it was a tactical decision. “Many things influenced my decision to play in Germany. It was important to me that I could compare myself to German football even before the World Cup.”

Will the Japanese slow down the Germans?

Three stars

Thomas Muller

Bayern Munich, forward, 33

He scored 118 matches for Germany, 44 goals, was the top scorer of the 2010 World Cup. But above all, he is a playmaker, a brilliant assistant. He has already scored 191 goals in the Bundesliga. At the same time, he has a sloppy style that is not pleasant to look at. “I don’t look like a good footballer,” smiles the world champion, two-time Champions League winner, eleven-time German champion.

Joshua Kimmich

Bayern Munich, midfielder, 27


At the 2018 World Cup and EURO 2020, he played the right. He sacrificed himself. At the same time, it is he who supplies DNA to the (nearly) undefeated Bayern midfield. In Qatar, he will already be in his place as one of the leaders of the manchart. It can drive away critical and slightly strange voices. “He’s tactically immature,” said intertiol player Sami Khedira. At Bayern, he thinks otherwise.

Manuel Neuer

Bayern Munich, goalkeeper, 36


You play for Barcelo, ​​you are clearly number one there. You are thirty, and you have only thirty starts in the tiol team. Marc-André ter Stegen is the undisputed star, but he has had bad luck at home. Manuel Neuer, the guy who changed his attitude towards goalkeepers (suddenly they are also football players), does not slow down. He’ll be number one again, put on the captain’s armband again.

Why do they succeed

Woman is a loser

The last two major tourments have been depressing for the Germans. At the World Cup in Russia, they did not make it out of the main group, at last year’s EURO they already flew to the 1/8 fils with England. It was a shame. This needs to be changed and tuned in to the next “home” European Championship.

Strong foundation

Bayern Munich have sent seven players to the roster, six of them are likely to be in the starting lineup. Thus, the machines will start without any delay. This should be an advantage, the preparation for the championship was extremely short.

Trainer Winner

Hansi Flick was Bayern’s head coach for less than two seasons. But the balance… For all the time he lost only seven matches, won seven major trophies: 2x Bundesliga, Champions League, German Cup, German Super Cup, World Club Championship, European Super Cup.

Why do they fail?

Uncertainty on the stopper

Real Madrid striker Antonio Rudiger is confident. Iron base of defense. But Niklas Süle from Dortmund is being interrogated. However, the heart of the defense must be strengthened and confident. That’s why Germany is surprised that Mats Hummels was not nomited.

Doubt at the end

Timo Werner from Leipzig was supposed to be number one at number 9, that is, at the forefront of attack. But the injury kept him out of the championship. Kai Havertz or Thomas Muller may have had a chance, but neither of them is a purebred killer.

Outsider missing

He was unstoppable in qualifying – a classic. He scored two goals and five assists in four games. But in the end (again traditiolly) Marco Reus missed a major tourment due to injury. It happened to him before the golden championship of Brazil or the last EURO.

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