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Poker faces around Ronaldo. They say the team is doing well, the theme of youth comes to life

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DIRECTLY FROM DOHA | How are the moods in Portugal after the world learned about the official departure of their captain Cristiano Roldo from Manchester United? Either they can bluff and hide their emotions better than poker players or they are really good on a regular basis. Coach Ferndo Santos and midfielder Bruno Ferndes did not hide the fact that the agreement to termite the contract with CR7 before the premiere at the tourment is a specific matter, but the team will not decide. “Cristiano and I will also strive towards our goal: after EURO 2016 we want to make the tion happy again.”

Not only at the championship, at official pre-match press conferences, in addition to coaches, the captain often speaks. However, when the football world learned of Cristiano Roldo’s departure to Old Trafford on Tuesday evening, a subtle note appeared on the FIFA press calendar from Portugal’s public relations department that the player’s response had yet to be confirmed.

On Wednesday morning, the me of Bruno Ferndes was already lit up in the corresponding field. It is symbolic because, unlike Roldo, he remains in Manchester.

However, press conference room 2 in the media center was filled with jourlists from all over the world. For the first time during the tourment, it so happened that not everyone got in. After a while, the guards had to say stop, those who arrived first were lucky.

And then the storm began. Is the atmosphere in the team uncomfortable because of CR7? He is no longer such a controversial figure.

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