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Podcast: Teacher Tatiana endured hell at home for years, she ended up stabbing her husband in the throat


Elementary school teacher Tatya Pekarzhova has endured terrible moments for years with her alcoholic husband Yaroslav Pekarzh. After he was fired from his job as a police officer, he started drinking so much every day that he couldn’t even take care of himself. In addition, he morally insulted his wife and two adult children. In the end, Tatya could not stand it and plunged a knife into her husband’s neck.

The psychological terror on the part of the father in the family intensified when Pekarzh was fired from the police. Yaroslav drank large amounts of alcohol every day, and shortly before his death, as they said, he could not even take care of basic hygiene. In addition, he did nothing to help with the housework, even allegedly selling things from home.

On a fateful day, May 10, 2002, forty-six-year-old Tatya came home from work to find her drunken husband uriting on a chair. So she went to her friend, with whom she was playing skittles, and drank some beer with her. Upon returning home, her husband attacked her, saying that she had stolen his money and that he would fire her from her job because she still had contacts with the police.

Although Tatya Pekarzhova had already filed for divorce, she stayed with her husband to support her family. Although their two children were already adults, they lived with their parents. However, Yaroslav began to mock Tatya, saying that he would not achieve anything, not even a divorce.

She wanted to scare him

The teacher told the court that she took a kitchen knife and only wanted to scare her husband with it, but he allegedly got up and injured himself. According to experts, it was impossible, Tata should have killed the man on purpose.

The court learned that the reaction of Tatya, who had been psychologically tyrannized for years, is humanly understandable, but legally unjustified. Ultimately, Pekarzhova was sentenced to six years in prison for the murder. Learn more about the domestic violence case that ended in desperation homicide in the new episode Crime Insta Podcast. This has been prepared for you by Blesk.cz in collaboration with Insta Crime Blog.

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