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War Minister Valk’s plan for supplemental care insurance is expected to fetch billions. Probably at the dentists, but where next?

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Paying an extra crown for health insurance should not be a problem in the future. The government is already working on this, and it could bring in an additiol several billion crowns.

The introduction of complementary insurance has the current government in its mission statement. Health Minister Vlastimil Valek (62, TOP 09) reopened the topic and stated that voluntary additiol insurance can bring additiol billions of crowns. According to the press secretary of the department, Ondrej Jakob, the introduction of such a mechanism is a matter of the next few years.

“This could be introduced in 2025 or 2026. It must be gradual. You can insure yourself for what you pay for now. For example, at the dentist or at the reception of the magement,Jacob said. The question is whether there will be plenty to choose from at a surcharge, as industry representatives note..“There are not many things you can insure against. Today, you are entitled to almost everything from health insurance companies. The only area where this makes sense is dental care, as there are quite large co-payments. ” says the former head of the Ministry of Health Svyatopolk Nemechek (50 years old, CSSD).

With additiol insurance another ex-minister Roman Primula (58) agrees. “Additiol insurance is good, but we must be very clear about what we want from it, what the above standard should be. Because if I choose the best cast, it’s absolutely minimal trouble.” declared

The head of the Czech Medical Chamber (ČLK), Milan Kubek (54), is critical of the concept of supplementary insurance. “There is nothing to insure. This means that the standard that is covered by public health insurance must first be lowered.” He also said he is concerned that people may not believe that the money paid for additiol insurance will be returned to them in the future.

The Prime Minister reassures

The division of health care into standard and above standard was a hot topic in the Czech Republic in the past, which eventually reached the Constitutiol Court. In the case of additiol insurance, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (58, ODS) strangles that there will be no difference. “The high quality of medical care will be maintained for all citizens, regardless of their socio-economic status”, declared

More about standby?

CLK wants an emergency fee increase from 90 to 200 crowns. It is said that the running total is not conducive to reducing the workload of emergency departments. However, this was opposed by the Association of Patients of the Czech Republic. According to him, not many people can afford 200 crowns. This can lead to neglect of their health. The Union urged the Secretary of War to “require by law all hospitals to provide first aid as part of their outpatient services.”

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