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Ex-Minister Dienstbier on Qatar Championship: It’s a mistake! And sharp criticism of FIFA

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More than 6,500 workers died in Qatar during preparations for the World Cup, according to media reports. Doha has also been criticized for its suppression of the rights of sexual minorities. Jiří Dienstbier, former Minister for Human Rights, also commented on this on the Epicentrum programme.

“Firstly, the hosting of the World Cup could not be given to a country with such problems.Dienstbier said. According to him, the FIFA football association is in control. Her leadership plays into the hands of the Qataris and, for example, she banned the captains of the tiol football teams from playing with a rainbow ribbon in support of the campaign against discrimition.

“FIFA she gave priority to the fincial aspect of the organization of the World Cup. and not the conditions that are created there, both for those involved in the preparations and for the fans, and this should not have been, ”said the ex-minister. According to him, in the modern world and in sports it is impossible to hold a completely neutral opinion, because they also end up expressing a political position or, as a consequence, leading to support for, for example, non-democratic totalitarian countries: “FIFA pretends to be apolitical, but these actions are also political. because they deprive anyone of the opportunity to freely express their political opinion and protest against fundamental violations of human rights.”

Illegal homosexuality

Dienstbier also recalled: “Every member country of the UN has acceded to the main documents of this organization, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, so even Qatar is committed to respecting fundamental human rights.” homosexuality, for example, is prohibited by law in the country, and representatives of sexual minorities face several years in prison. Former Qatari intertiol Khalid Salman, who is one of the tourment’s ambassadors, told the German public broadcaster ZDF that homosexuality is a mental disorder. I understand that gays will also go to Qatar during the championship, but they must accept our rules. According to Saman, he is concerned that Qatari children may learn something wrong.

When asked if holding the World Cup in Qatar was a mistake, he had a clear answer: “I think this is a mistake. And the role of FIFA is who is tasked with hosting such a major sporting event. The main role should be played primarily by the conditions that will be created there. And, of course, this can also include everything related to the preparation and observance of the rights of people who, for example, are involved in the construction of a stadium, protecting their health and protecting their lives,” the former minister and lawyer summed up.

Source: Blesk

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