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Romario wrote to Neymar: “You are damn good! Your moment is coming, do you know that?

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It’s not a super activity. Neither league titles won, nor the number of great hits in the brilliant Champions League company. If footballers are valued in Brazil, it is success in the tiol colors. Pele, Roldo or Romario could talk about golden evenings for weeks. And what about Neymar? Will he succeed too?

If the 30-year-old superstar really wants to be among the immortal icons, he needs to bring Brazil back to the top. For a long twenty years, the country, which did not miss a single world tourment, was in poverty.

Neymar knows this. The whole country will be watching to see if he will bring home the so-called “hext”, as they call the sixth victory at the World Cup in Brazil.

Such an onslaught fell on the shoulders of a 30-year-old star that even a blood pressure monitor would have taken down. That is why coach Tite chose not to impose the captain’s armband on him, but instead pointed to Thiago Silva.

Shortly before the start of the championship, the legendary scorer Romario, the 1994 world champion, rushed to the aid of Neymar, who wrote an open letter to Neymar through the Internet platform The Player’s Tribune. In it, for example, he writes the following lines:

“Your moment has come, do you know that? The moment when a boy becomes a man. I know you’ve heard a lot of smut and crap over the years about not being good enough. I know that, and just so you know, I won’t continue this now… Neymar, remember that the most important thing is that you bring joy to people as soon as you keep the ball on the field. Remember, you’re a damn cool bro! When I see you step out onto the lawn in a few days, I know my heart will be completely at peace. You represent the values ​​that we Brazilians love the most. I know that you will sacrifice yourself and help the team when they are at their worst. And I also know that no one but you deserves to bring home the sixth trophy.”

What about Neymar? He lacks self-confidence. Just days before kick-off, the Serbian posted a photo on Instagram of him using an emoji to attach a sixth gold star to his shorts, where the five stars symbolize Brazil’s five World Cup victories.

Bold, right? After all, the tive of Mogi das Cruzis is still waiting for his star. In the 2014 home championship, he withdrew due to injury, with Brazil bleeding heavily against the Germans. Four years later, in Russia, a group of Marcelo, Coutinho and Co. she had already lost in the quarterfils to the Belgians. The brightest cary didn’t make a sound for 90 minutes.

Now comes the last one. Last chance for (championship) samba. And then the men’s elections. What do you think Neymar? Are you really one of the greatest?


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FIFA World Cup 2022

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FIFA World Cup 2022

Atonement for Neymar? A life test awaits a star, he carries the weight of Brazil

Atonement for Neymar?  A life test awaits a star, he carries the weight of Brazil

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