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Daemon Data Blocks: Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Data Blocks. Dispelling the most common myths

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From January 1, 2023, there will be the largest expansion of data boxes in their 13-year history. All those who are in the register of persons (not to be confused with the register of residents) by law will be placed in the data box. In human terms, all traders and non-profit entities such as associations will have a data box set up and will be required to use it. Logical step.

It’s 2022 and the internet has become a normal part of life, the smartphone has become the standard and we are a tion that is at the forefront of online shopping in Europe. However, we resist communicating with the state electronically, and data boxes sometimes even have a demonic label. Perhaps there is no other information system around which so many myths and legends go. Let’s look at some of them and get rid of the fear of using data.

Myth #1: Delivery Fiction

If I have a databox, then the state will always catch up with me, and I will run away from registered mail. Not really. The fictitious delivery is 10 days, and it applies to both data boxes and letters in exactly the same way. Simply put, if you do not come to pick up a registered letter at the post office, couriers will throw it in your mailbox in 10 days. It is deemed that it has been delivered to you and that you have read the contents, such as expired terms. The fact that someone can take your letter from your mailbox, you will not know in time that something has arrived, and you will find out only later with sometimes fatal consequences, does not bother anyone. In the case of this box, there is also a fiction about delivery in 10 days, but no one will delete your letter or take it. An unread data message will not disappear even after 90 days. By the way, if you want to archive your data messages for free, you can use the services of the Civic Portal.

Myth #2: Using or setting up a data warehouse is expensive

No. Installing a data mailbox and sending information messages to public authorities (ministries, authorities, municipalities, regions, schools) has been and remains free of charge. There are also paid data messages. They cost 5 crowns and are intended for private communication. What does it mean? You can send an important document, for example, to another company for 5 CZK. This is the equivalent of a registered letter, and the advantage is that you can see when the recipient received it and when they read its content. You do not need to go anywhere and pay many times more than the amount for a classic registered letter.

Myth #3: Complexity

Working with a data box is very complex and I need to have a deep education in IT to handle it. If using email requires deep skills and knowledge, so be it. Basically, there is little difference between using email and a data box, and you really don’t need to know anything special about a data box.

The last of the myths is that I have to go to the data box every day so that I don’t miss anything. No, you don’t have to. You have the option to set up e-mail or sms notifications. This is a simple and reliable way to know when something has arrived in your diary.

Not just myths, but mostly benefits

And what are the other possible benefits? For example, if you have a date box, you will receive a notification in advance when the vehicle inspection is about to expire. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been pulled over by the police at least once in their life and given completely unexpected information that they can’t drive their car on public roads because they lost their inspection. Even more amusing is the situation when you pack your bags, already see yourself at the beach bar with a cocktail in your hand, away from all the problems of everyday life, and find that your already two-month travel document does not allow you to part with the undoubtedly beautiful November weather, and the dream of a well-deserved vacation is fading away. Those with a data box will receive information about the expiration of their travel documents or identity card well in advance and do not need to purchase a premium travel document produced within 24 hours for a fee of CZK 6,000.

The last advantage is common to all without distinction. Blocks of data save us all tens of billions, and the more of them citizens have, the more we save. The idea of ​​a digital state is not entirely stupid, but sometimes we as citizens have to do something to make things change for the better.

If you need more information about data cards, please visit chcidatovka.cz.

The author is the director of the e-government department.

Petr Peshek
November 22, 2022 • 11:20 am

Sete award for marital fidelity? Silly perhaps, but certainly not discrimitory

Internet shopping in the Czech Republic is in for a shock.  How many online stores can fail?


Jiří Stefek
November 14, 2022 • 5:40 pm

Internet shopping in the Czech Republic is in for a shock. How many online stores can fail?

Source: Blesk

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