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Damn it: the bus caught fire while driving, its driver, fortunately, stopped right in front of the fire station

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While driving, the bus driver noticed that his car was on fire. He could barely see outside because of the smoke, but he was lucky, he was just passing the fire station in Dvur Králové d Labem. Firefighters didn’t have to go far to intervene.

The firefighters of Kralovedvor probably made one of the shortest trips. The burning bus, full of smoke inside, stopped for them right in front of the station. The driver could barely see outside, barely looking out the door from the bus. Fortutely, there was no one else in it.

“He maged to get out in thick smoke and opened the luggage compartment under the floor of the bus for firefighters. There, the unit quickly extinguished the fires of the refrigerator, the electrical installations in its vicinity, and the plastic coverings of the floor of the bus.” – said the official representative of the fire department Marti Getzova.

The exact cause of the fire is not yet known, but it is possible that the refrigerator caught fire due to a short circuit in the electrical network. The damage is about one hundred thousand crowns, but the saved value is almost half a million crowns. “An ambulance was called for the bus driver, who was in a smoky place. After checking his health, he was left in place, he was not injured.” added the spokeswoman.

Source: Blesk

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