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Come to football and Turkey. Krieger hosted a party for Vitkovice teammates

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Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays for Americans. Even foreign hockey players from Vitkovice could not miss a small holiday. Peter Krieger invited not only American partners to his home. “Thanksgiving is on Thursday, but since it’s the day before the game, we decided to celebrate it on Wednesday,” Krieger told the club’s website. “After all, the main holiday is a good dinner, and although we did not plan to overeat and break our lifestyle, we thought it would be better on Wednesday.”

The 28-year-old Oakdale, Minnesota tive is in his first year in Ostrava. Also with his wife, Callie Jay, who has already found a teaching position at the city’s intertiol school. Their compatriots Peter Müller and Willy Raskob will also be wearing the Vitkovice jersey this year, they couldn’t miss the holiday.

“We will gather families, wives and spend the evening together, try traditiol dishes, watch football together,” Krieger planned. “Not only Americans can come, but also other foreign guys, and anyone from home. It will cheer us up for the next matches that are waiting for us.”

A small change from the classic celebration was nevertheless found. Instead of the American NFL, they watched classic football during the party. “I like to watch the NFL, but I’ve already learned to watch football, so we’ll be watching the World Cup, there won’t be an NFL this year.”

Krieger belongs to the biggest surprises in the extraleague. Although he already has two NCAA championships and had a great season in Zvolen in Slovakia a year ago (41/19+19, 11/5+7 in the playoffs), he hasn’t been nearly as domint in practice. Together with Peter Müller, he scored only two points (1+1) in six games.

“His preparation disappointed me, I expected more in terms of performance, because we took him as a creative and productive center,” coach Milos Holan did not hide. “Also, he got injured on the pre-season tour in Switzerland, he didn’t train with the team for two weeks, and I was worried if he would make it to the start of the extra league.”

He did it and is doing very well in the new competition. Even without the injured Müller, with whom he started the championship in Ostrava in the same scheme. In 21 games, Krieger scored 20 points (9+11), 19 of which were majors. So it was either a goal (9) or the first assist (10).

“In principle, it doesn’t matter, because the main thing is that we are doing well as a team,” he commented on the persol balance. “When a team is successful, you are also rewarded with individual success. I think that the fact that I played and still play with great players in the squad, who also play a big role in the fact that we are so productive, has helped me a lot and helps.

According to the American Center, access is also key. He knew perfectly well that the Czech Extraliga was one step more demanding than the Slovak one, and worked hard on himself in the summer. “This also applies to hard work in the summer,” he added. “The Czech Extraliga is the competition I wanted to compete in. I see it as an upward shift. That’s why I feel about it this way.”

Chosen last season, Krieger helped out with the bronze. By the end of the year, he had already agreed with Witkowice. Although several Czech clubs became interested in his services. “Yes, but Witkowice was obviously very interested, as was I. From the information that I had, I knew that everything here was at the highest level, that the competition was at the highest level. I knew this would be a great opportunity for me and I’m happy to be here.”

He certainly does not regret the transition. Vitkovice is consistently ranked second and has three representatives in Cada’s elite eleventh ranking. Dominik Lakatos (13+12) is first, Krieger (9+11) is sixth, and Roberts Bukarts (11+7) is eleventh.

“I am really very happy here. Great city, great team, incredible teammates in the salon, great coaching staff, great fans. I was looking forward to it, but the reality far exceeded my expectations. I really like it here,” added Krieger.


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21 12 5 3 one 71:41 49


21 eleven 2 5 3 70:53 42


21 eleven 3 0 7 54:42 39


twenty ten one four 5 61:43 36


twenty 9 four 0 7 57:55 35


twenty eight 2 one 9 52:52 29

K. Vari

21 7 3 2 9 56:72 29


twenty four 5 6 5 60:56 28

M. Boleslav

twenty 5 four four 7 41:45 27


21 5 3 5 eight 57:62 26


21 6 one four ten 57:64 24


21 5 four one eleven 52:60 24

No. Budejovice

twenty 5 2 3 ten 45:60 22


21 four 3 four ten 43:71 22
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