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World Cup 2022 ONLINE: Kane will be fine, the Danes have lost a foothold

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The controversial 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is already in full swing, follow the events of the championship in our continuous ONLINE report with observations from Michal Kvasnica, editor of the newspaper Sport and iSport.cz, right from the spot. . The full program of the 2022 World Cup can be found here >>>

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Former world champion Roldo he will not be able to support his compatriots due to being infected with the coro virus at the entrance to the World Cup directly from the hall. After testing positive, he is not allowed to go to the stadium in Lusail where the Caries will face Serbia tonight, so he will keep his fingers crossed in front of the TV screen in the hotel in Doha.


Swiss attacking Brel Embolo with his first World Cup goal, he scored the team’s rrow victory over Cameroon. However, out of respect for the African country both of his parents hail from, he is a tive of Yaoundé, Cameroon. he didn’t celebrate.

Swiss striker Brel Embolo did not celebrate a goal against Cameroon, where his parents are from



Representatives of the Russian tiol team wished the “brothers” Serbs good luck at the World Cup, who enter the tourment with a match with the five-time champion of Brazil. Russia and Serbia have a traditiolly cordial relationship, although Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in September that he would not recognize the results of referendums held in four regions of Ukraine partially occupied by the Russian military. “Good luck at the World Cup. We believe in your success, brothers,” representatives of the Russian team wrote on social networks. Russian football players were excluded from participation in the qualifying playoffs due to the invasion of Ukraine. According to Reuters, it can be expected that some of the Serbian fans will enter the stadium in Lusail with Russian flags. This does not violate the rules, as long as none of the banners has Russian military symbols.


England captain Harry Kane had problems with a sprained ankle after beating Iran 6-2, his start against the US was in jeopardy. But over time, it will be available to the coach. “That’s good. Right now he’s working a little more individually, but he’ll be back in training with the team and ready to play (Friday from 8pm)” said Gareth Southgate.

Harry Kane with a painful grimace
12:09 p.m.

But the holiday may drag on… After all, the Japanese entered the tourment with a 2-1 victory over Germany and may be thinking about leaving Group E.

12:04 pm

Interest in players from Morocco: Midfielders Sofyan Amrabat On Wednesday, in a 0-0 draw with Croatia, he showed an interesting performance. And respected jourlist Fabrizio Romano immediately recalled that after the season there would be great interest in the Fiorenti player. Already in the summer, Antonio Conte, the coach of Tottenham, was eyeing him. But the transmission fell through.


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It was a shock to the whole world. Nobody expected him Argenti with Lionel Messi could lose 1:2 to outsiders from Saudi Arabia. How could this happen? She was the foundation extended line of defense backed by the Saudis offside trap into which the giant, led by the divine ten, allowed himself to be caught. Full alysis of the match by the editor of “Sport” Pavel Hartman read HERE>>>.



Since Sunday they play more football, or case of forbidden captain armbands “One love”? For be right. Chairman of the Danish Football Association (DBU) Jakob Jensen came up with the heaviest caliber. He said in a statement that Denmark ready to leave FIFA. “We have been discussing this in the Scandivian region since August,” he told The Athletic. Read more HERE>>>.

9:52 am

After the home match between Pilsen and Sparta, the photo of the saloon where Letenshti left after celebrating a 1-0 victory caused great emotions. Pizza boxes, a mess… The Japanese, who on Wednesday sensatiolly defeated Germany 2-1, traditiolly demonstrate the exact opposite. Read more HERE>>>

News from 11/23/2022

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Michal Kwasnica, editor of Sport in Qatar

Cada missed a pelty and lost 0–1 to Belgium, returning to the World Cup after 36 years.

News from 11/23/2022

City halls of some Spanish cities, such as Barcelo or Valencia., refused to install large screens in public places to watch the World Cup in protest against human rights violations by the Qatari government. For example, Barcelo Mayor Ada Colau opposed the placement of large screens because, according to her, the tourment is hosted by a country ruled by a “dictatorship”. According to Colau, the Spanish Football Federation should have distanced itself from the championship. The mayor also remembered the thousands of people who died while building infrastructure for this World Cup.

News from 11/23/2022

Football players in Denmark they lost a defensive midfielder before the end of the World Cup Thomas Delaney, injured his knee in the opening match of Qatar against Tunisia (0:0). The 31-year-old Sevilla was scheduled to come on as a first-half substitute and will be out for about four weeks.

“We will miss him both on and off the pitch. But other players are ready and we still have a strong team,” said coach Kasper Julmand, whose team will face world champions France in the next Group D match on Saturday.

News from 11/23/2022

Hajime Morajisu, Japan tiol team coach: “This is a big surprise for the whole world, like Saudi Arabia, we have made great strides. These are two big days for all of Asia. I think this is a historic victory. We filly did something like that, at least it looks like Japanese football has made huge progress. The paradox is that German football helps us get better.”

News from 11/23/2022

rainbow ribbons are banned and the judges are very careful that the captains do not violate the strange regulations, even Manuel Neuer passed a quick check. The Germans expressed their opinion differently, their act coach Flick explained in the press after the defeat by Japan.

News from 11/23/2022

The famous decency of the Japanese surpassed even the enthusiasm after defeating the favorites from Germany. Fans from the Land of the Rising Sun, out of good habit, cleaned up after themselves at the stadium. Perhaps this time there was not so much chaos, because the ban on the sale of alcohol in Qatar also applies to sake.

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