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A young man shot and killed five people in a gay bar. Father-porn actor in shock: Son is not homosexual!

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Five people were killed in a shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs on Saturday. Another 25 were injured. According to police, young American Anderson Aldrich is responsible for the massacre. The jourlists maged to interview his father. According to the former porn actor, the reason remains!

Aaron Brink, a former porn star and MMA fighter, told CBS8 News that he got a call from his son’s defense lawyer Sunday night saying his client was under arrest for a mass shooting. The reaction of the “successful” dad was taken into account. It was not the shooting that shocked him, but the fact that his son went into a gay bar.

“They started telling me about the shooting, which ended badly for several people,” declared “And then they told me it happened in a gay bar.” he continued, saying that he was completely shocked by this fact. According to him, he was afraid that his son was gay. “There are no gays in our family” he was angry instead of worrying about the fate of the people ruthlessly executed by his son.

He turned around after a while. He said that while he holds anti-gay views, there is no justification for his child allegedly shooting people in the LGTBQ+ business. “Regardless of politics, it’s about human lives.” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

Previously, Brink was sure that his son was no longer alive. He is said to have been told by his ex-wife. “She told me that he changed his me and committed suicide.” explained the drug addicted former porn star. It was the participation of the father in pornographic films that had strong psychological consequences for the son.

When, after a long time, father and son got together, they quarreled. Brink places some of the blame for his son’s shooting on himself. “I taught him violence. I praised him for this. However, I have never included firearms in this manual.” he admitted. “But I believe in the right to bear arms” declared a confidently proud Republican.

The prosecutor’s office charged the American with five murders and hate crimes. Police said a man wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with an AR-15 rifle opened fire as soon as he entered the club. At least two people maged to stop him in about a minute; one of the guests maged to stch the gun from the man and knock him to the ground.

According to police records, a man with the same me as the attacker was arrested last year for threatening his mother with a pipe bomb. In the end, he turned himself in to the police.

Source: Blesk

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