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The history of Czech stars in Paris: a rude reception in a wine bar, then in the cockpit

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Athlete Nikola Ogrodnikova and water slalomist Lukasz Rohan had an unusual experience in the Olympic City. During a quick trip to Paris as part of sponsorship duties, an unusual sequence of events occurs when he is taken out of the film and into the cockpit of the plane that was flying with them back to Prague. It all started in a traditiol Parisian wine bar.

At first it was a health walk before dinner. The Czech company made its way through dark Paris along Pasteur Boulevard to the shining Eiffel Tower. The TV bars were getting ready for the ‘Les Bleus’ game against the Australians at the World Cup and the streets were full of people. Maybe that’s why the idea to stand on the glass came up. Would need some classic local wine bar…

The sign for Le Comptoir du Bordelais in one of the lanes was gleaming in gold letters. And the Czech language behind the door of a cozy space with walls made of bottles attracted attention.

“Fuck!” a smiling regular greeted the guests with a piquant Czech phrase.

It was a little La Cave à Manger style place for wine and cheese tapas. The winemaker offered red wines from family vineyards.

For Ogrodnikova and Rohan it was a moment of relaxation after two intense days. They went to Paris for the Pan-European Meeting of Toyota Ambassadors, went through a series of semirs, interviews, photo shoots and visited the famous INSEP center, the Olympic training center for the French team.

Now at least they had a minute to drink. And when they revealed their identity to the regulars, things took an interesting turn.

“Lucas, you really are an Olympic medalist!” one of the locals shouted as he checked the identity of the guests on the phone. “We are all pilots. What time are you flying to Prague tomorrow? Oh, so our friend will take you … If you want, we will write to him, and he will take you to the cockpit! us!”

Ogrodnikova and Rohan left a sheet of paper with their mes on the spot and reported on the plane the next day, as agreed.

“I gave them a piece of paper and they came for us. They knew about us, they knew our mes,” Rohan smiled. And then they really looked into the cockpit. They even sat in the crew chairs for a while.

“Sitting there is completely different,” Ogrodnikova describes. “It was amazing. They even gave us pizza,” Ogrodnikova said.

“Incredible end to this trip!” Rohan repeated.


June 27, 2022 • 7:46 pm

Dancer Ogrodnikova. They get along with Neumann’s daughter, are the children superior to them?

Luke Rohan

May 4, 2022 • 5:31 pm

The water has always been good, so why change anything? The boat party is still alive

The water has always been good, so why change anything?  The boat party is still alive

Source: Blesk

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