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The Prague Stock Exchange won back the losses of the previous three days, adding 0.78 percent.

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The calm policy of central banks contributed to a significant overvaluation of the leading US indices. Therefore, some investors decided to look for opportunities in the domestic market. The current development of the PX index offers automatically updated infographics. The robotic report sums up the results of each trading day after its end.

  • PX index and current value

  • Prague Stock Exchange: results of the last trading day

  • PX index and its base

PX index and current value

The PX index reached its historical maximum in 2007. But then followed by a sharp drop as a result of the global economic crisis. No less dramatic was the decline due to the corovirus shock in March 2020. Even thanks to the exceptiolly lenient policies of central banks, the domestic stock market quickly recouped its losses at that time.

2022 investment in the shadow of war. How global companies are reacting:

Prague Stock Exchange: results of the last trading day

Today, the Prague Stock Exchange won back the losses of the previous three days. The PX index rose 0.78 percent to 1244.47 points. Bank shares rose in price, securities of the electricity company ČEZ added more than 1.5%. This follows from the exchange website. The Czech crown slightly weakened against the euro and strengthened against the dollar.

The Prague stock market strengthened for the first time this week, Fio bank broker Josef Dudek said. “This time around, the Prague Stock Exchange has caught on to a positive momentum in Europe with the rise of all major stocks,” added Tomasz Vlk, an alyst at Patria Fince.

The best-selling securities of Komerční banka rose today by 0.76 percent to 730.50 kroons. Other bank issues also performed well. Shares of Erste Bank improved by 0.72% to 724.20 kroons and Moneta Money Bank – by 0.82% to 73.70 kroons.

PX index and its base*


Initially, the Czech cybersecurity company on the Prague Stock Exchange will cease to exist. The reason is its absorption by the American company NortonLifeLock. It is assumed that the connection will cost about 190 billion crowns.

Česká zbrojovka Group

The Ugerskobrod holding attracted the attention of investors, in particular, by acquiring the American company Colt Holding Company.


Energy company with a 70 percent state share. Investors expect relatively high dividends due to the sharp rise in electricity prices.

Erste Group Bank

An Austrian banking group operating, among other things, in the Czech Republic through Česká spořitel. Investors hope that a possible increase in interest rates in the eurozone and the Czech Republic will help the group’s fincial results.

Kofola Czech Republic

Founded in 2021, the beverage group draws in part on the pre-revolutiory popularity of Kofola.

Commercial Bank

A subsidiary of the French fincial group Société Générale.

money bank coin

The fourth largest bank in the Czech Republic is one of the most profitable stocks on the Prague Stock Exchange. However, Coin’s business wants to absorb the PPF groups.

Philip Morris CR

Subsidiary Philip Morris Intertiol is increasingly relying on its heated tobacco products. It is said to be a less harmful version of smoking.

Photon Energy

The solar company was included in the PX index on March 22, 2021.

Spirits group

In addition to the Czech Republic, the British distillate producer also operates in Poland, Italy and Slovakia.

Vien Insurance Group

The Vien insurance group is one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe.

* As of September 20, 2021

Source: Blesk

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