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Ukraine faces a humanitarian catastrophe, the expert believes. And how will “common dirt” shake the situation?

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Russia fired missiles at Ukraine again. Vlastislav Brzhiza, an expert on intertiol relations and nuclear weapons from FSV UK, spoke in Epicenter about why Putin is again attacking Kyiv and the country’s energy infrastructure. “This is due to the intimidation of the population so that it is subjected to psychological and even physical suffering. The goal is to cut off the vast majority of Ukrainians from sources in the form of electricity and heat,” he said.

According to Bryza, Moscow has launched the fifth stage of its “special military operation.” She went on the defensive, but attacked the energy infrastructure. The Russians have already maged to disable 50% of the country’s energy capacities, more than 10 million Ukrainians do not have electricity and heating. “This is and will continue to be a humanitarian disaster of enormous proportions. Perhaps we should expect other opportunities for new waves of migration from Ukraine. If it gets colder and the temperature drops to -10-20 degrees, it will be difficult for people to survive. This is a reality, but also the goal of the Russian Federation,” Burch explained.

How will the coming winter change the course of the war?

According to him, this is not a well-thought-out strategy, Putin did not initially plan the current massacre in Ukraine. However, he does not want to lose at any cost, even though he cannot control the right bank of the Dnieper, where the Ukrainian army is now located. Rasputitsa, or “general mud”, helped the Ukrainians in the struggle in the spring, and now, paradoxically, it works for the Russians.

“The procedure is Ukrainian, and Russia is defending the conquered territories that it maged to get at the first stage. At the moment, Rasputitsa is helping the Russians, who can strengthen their army, get new reinforcements there. The question is what will happen after the winter.” Burch said. He doesn’t expect a major offensive to end the war by Christmas. At the same time, according to him, it is already clear that Russia will not control all of Ukraine.

Source: Blesk

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