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Coach Prochazka: He couldn’t move his shoulder unaided, but he still wanted the match

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functioning organism. This is how the trio of Jiri Prochazka and coaches Martin Karaivanov and Yaroslav Hovezak sometimes talk about themselves. The last coach had been with the Czech samurai in Las Vegas since the start of the last round of training and was thus also present due to an unfortute injury that prevented his team from starting a rematch with the Brazilian glover as a result. Teixeira. “Because we are fighters, the whole team, we were determined to go to the match until the last moment,” Hovezak said energetically in an interview with iSport.cz.

How exactly did Jiri Prochaska get injured during training?
“It was a regular sparring, we had everything under control. It happened last Thursday, we wanted to go to another wrestling practice. Therefore, we chose an adequate, suitable opponent for Yirko. Such a decent kid, wrestler, no rap. Because we really wanted to elimite injuries. Unfortutely, there was an accident when Jirka fell on his shoulder from behind during one throw. Suddenly a terrible roar. Jiri was amazed and it hurt. His shoulder was dislocated, thrown forward at forty-five degrees. We immediately put him on a chair and with one of the members of Ankalaev’s team leaned our shoulders back. Then we immediately went to the UFC Performance Institute, where we tried to activate it.”

“Cryotherapy, rehabilitation, acupuncture needles, electrotherapy tried to revive the shoulder. He began to move, he did not have a large hematoma. The arm is movable in all possible angles, but only with help. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy at the UFC Performance Institute are really perfect, they have the most modern methods and technologies, so we tried to combine them in every possible way. The problem was that he simply did not raise his hand in front of him and to the side. Only with help. So we started to tackle other issues, including magnetic resonce, which showed what was shown. So his ligaments were torn. As a result, it was decided that we must say that we will not go to the match. We were waiting for Martin (Prohasco’s second coach, who later flew to Las Vegas on business). We also spoke with Tim Simpson of Paradigm Sports (the agency that represents Prochaska and other UFC stars). And we agreed on everything with the whole team even before publication. Of course, everything was fine-tuned directly with the UFC.”

How did you persolly perceive the whole situation?
“It was difficult for me. Because we are fighters, the whole team, we were determined to go to the match until the last moment. It so happened that we said to ourselves: we have three weeks … If it was just a shell shock, then we could I wish I could put it in a pile and go, but it turned out the way it did.”

What do you think of the UFC move?
“I am a little ashamed of this, but in the end the result of the meeting matters. It makes sense in everything. And Jiří is proud of his decision, because no one wants to give up the title. But we’ll be back for it!

You, coach Martin Karaivanov and Jiri Prochazka, really got along with each other over the years. What is the atmosphere in the team now?
“The mood in our trio is always great. We are professiols and we accept things as they are. Of course, we were upset and disappointed, but we accept everything as it is and meet the situation face to face.

Are you trying to relax somehow? After all, you’re in Las Vegas.
“The fact that we will go somewhere to rest and rest is not right. We are here to work. The fact that it was canceled, that there is no match, means another priority, making Jirko as comfortable as possible in terms of rehabilitation, and therefore we continue to train. Here we really have all possible means. Therefore, we did not give up and began to live a different life. It doesn’t exist. It’s just that there are other responsibilities.”


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