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Coach and owner Tomayko on wild Olomouc: We can’t make too many mistakes


What do you know about Jan Tomajk? About as much as he says. So Littel. “That’s what they say at home,” smiles the hairy guy with whom hockey in Olomouc stands and falls. The former intertiol striker runs the club as majority owner (75%) and head coach. Without much talk or reinforcements, he is advancing to the absolute top of the extraleague, currently in third place.

Seven years ago, after the departure of Jiří Dopita, when most of the club’s shares were available, Jan Tomajko invested in him. Pure Olomoucak, who remained the only one of the famous young line with Michal Brosh and Ondřej Krate, loyal to Ha. He is the head of the Roosters in the offices and on the Changeling. Beautiful in its own way: democratic, unobtrusive, but purposeful. “We are still improving,” the two-time world champion boasts in an interview with the Sport newspaper and the iSport.cz website.

To be honest, you don’t strike me as a powerful, self-absorbed boss who needs to take over.
“It’s not that I’ve always been calm on shift. Even in training, you have to speak a little loudly so that the players can hear. I say okay. But it’s true that I still don’t scold anyone.” (smiles)

You are simply less talkative than most people. Can you say it?
“For me it’s normal, for some it’s not. Everyone has their own view on this. I think players are more important than coaches. People watch them more. This is how it should be. It’s not that I’m looking for attention, but, of course, everyone is pleased when something goes well and you are praised.”

What does coaching give you?
“I like it. You have to be open to new things, that’s the foundation, in my opinion. I watch hockey, you can catch the championship of Sweden, Switzerland on TV. How many times do players come up with something? If it’s a good idea, we’ll talk about it. We We are not offended that our coaches did not think about it. We need to have different opinions around us and be able to choose. Not everything can be immediately transferred to the team. “

After the departure of Zdenek Motak to Trinec, you became an obvious head coach, right?
“Perhaps it looks like this from the outside. But the communication remains the same. There are four of us, me, Zhaba (Boris Zhabka), Piotr Fiala and Martin Prusek. Everything needs to be done as a team. Then, of course, someone has to cut it.”

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